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Cue & Case


The Master Cue Distributor Levels Up

Cue & Case, one of the leading billiards manufacturers and distributors worldwide, is renowned for its diverse range of high-quality billiards products catering to players of all skill levels. A subsidiary brand of Escalade Sports, Cue & Case needed to migrate from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Escalade Sport’s Shopify framework to allow for scalability and future growth in its new direct-to-consumer (D2C) business. The Shopify platform migration would deliver a seamless user experience consistent with Escalade Sports’ other brands, offering a flexible interface for crafting a distinctive design experience and integrating Escalade Sports’ backend operations, customizations, and third-party integrations.

Built on CQL’s proprietary Shopify Plus Experience Blueprint Propel and leveraging best practices from Brunswick Billiards, Cue & Case launched an engaging and comprehensive brand refresh that consolidated 20 cue brands into one cohesive identity. The new website effectively educates consumers about the diverse product offerings, tailors the navigation to guide shoppers of all skill levels, simplifies the purchasing process, and fosters a sense of community within the billiards community.

With a reputation for sophistication, craftsmanship, inclusivity, and expert customer service, Cue & Case reinforces its leadership position in the billiards industry by providing the ultimate one-stop-shop destination for all things billiards!


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Cue & Case Shopify Website

Built on Shopify Plus

Cue & Case is owned and managed by Escalade Sports. The CQL and Escalade teams architected a repeatable model on Shopify Plus that supports an entire portfolio of Escalade Sports brands, including Cue & Case, Victory Tailgate, Brunswick BilliardsRAVE Sports, Bear Archery, WoodplayFowlingSTIGALifeline FitnessOnix PickleballGoalsetterAmerican Heritage Billiards, Goalrilla, US Weight, and Escalade. CQL provided a new digital identity, mobile-first redesign, and website launches for 10 brands in under 12 months, adding new sites like Victory Tailgate, Brunswick Billiards, and Cue & Case each year.

Cue & Case Brand Collections

Cross-Branding Inspiration

From Lucasi’s engineering to Dufferin’s iconic designs, Cue & Case offers high-quality, affordable cues suited for beginners and professionals alike. The brand refresh for the new required integrating design elements from nearly 20 unique cue brands, while maintaining Cue & Case’s design aesthetic. The new brand experience showcases a seamless integration of logos, colors, and subtle branding elements from each cue brand, harmoniously woven into Cue & Case’s brand design.

Through navigation menus, product filtering, brand landing pages, and featured brand collections, Cue & Case demonstrates their knowledge and quality craftsmanship, creating a one-stop-stop for every level of billiards player.

We are excited that for the first time ever, customers can shop for all of their billiards needs in our new D2C shop. Shopify Plus has proven over and over for Escalade Sports that it is not just a platform, it’s a catalyst for our brands’ success. Working with CQL and adding Cue & Case to Shopify’s multi-site framework, we benefited from a bespoke design, a quick launch timeline, a consistent UX, and the standardization of our backend operations, preparing us for the incredible growth to come!”


Cue & Case Brand Manager