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Shopify Plus Case Study: Goalsetter​

Competition-Grade Performance in the Driveway… and Online​

Goalsetter, founded by two basketball coaches, was the first basketball supply brand to envision and build an in-ground, height adjustable, regulation-size hoop system for residential and institutional use. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., Goalsetter launched its redesigned direct-to-consumer (D2C) website on Shopify Plus in August 2021, making the 8th Escalade Sports’ brand launched in under 12 months.

Goalsetter’s new website elevated their brand experience by building a story around the exceptional quality and workmanship of their American-made basketball hoops. Featuring a new user experience with improved navigation, unveils new lifestyle imagery, integrates social media, assists shoppers in their research with buying guides and comparison charts, clearly communicates the unique hinge design technology for ease of installation, and targets both consumer and business customers. Shoppers can now purchase basketball hoops online, locate an installer, find dealer showrooms, request quotes for institutional/business purposes, and find manuals and important FAQs.

With the explosion of growth in the D2C market, Goalsetter took a game-winning shot at expanding their brand globally and scored bottom-line results fitting for the “Best in Basketball” brand.

Best In Basketball
Made in the USA

A Slam Dunk on Shopify Plus​

Goalsetter is owned and managed by Escalade Sports. The CQL and Escalade teams architected a repeatable model on Shopify Plus that supports an entire portfolio of Escalade Sports equipment brands. Escalade’s strategy to migrate to Shopify Plus was a crucial step to transition from a CTO mindset to a CMO growth-focused approach. CQL provided a new digital identity, mobile-first redesign, and website launches for 10 brands, including Goalsetter.

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