CQL and Salsify: Delivering Solutions To Help Clients Win on the Digital Shelf With Product Experience Management​

Salsify improves efficiency and drives sales to deliver the best product experience.

As retailers, brands, and distributors become more omnichannel, they also become more challenged with managing consistent product content and data across all customer touch points. Salsify, a unified Product Experience Management (PXM) solution, was specifically developed to manage product data and improve ecommerce experiences.

How do you know if a PXM solution would be beneficial to your business? We’ve outlined the top benefits our clients gain from using Salsify:

  • Content management: Manage distinct versions of content tailored to each channel’s specific needs. With a unified solution, you can make channel-specific changes — without impacting the central source of truth — and send updated product information quickly.
  • Content validation: Salsify offers data validation and enrichment capabilities, ensuring that product information is accurate, complete, and consistent. It helps you maintain high-quality data across multiple channels and touch points, reducing errors and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Content syndication: Salsify is the only PXM platform that’s been engineered from the start for omnichannel. It’s woven into every part of our solution — everything we build into our platform is built around the idea that your content has to go to lots of different place in lots of different formats. We have a broad network of partnerships and integrations that enable integrated publishing and real-time requirements updates, all for the purpose of helping brands syndicate faster and more efficiently.
  • Collaborate and coordinate across teams: Salsify offers integrated workflow and collaboration tools, so that you can operate with much greater efficiency, speed and automation. With a unified solution, you gain a single system for information and tasks, enabling the right person to get the right information in the right context — and track completed work.

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About Salsify

Salsify Drives Success on the Digital Shelf

Winning on the digital shelf means maximizing online visibility, engagement, and sales, and it begins with successfully representing your products and brands in the online ecosystem through a PXM solution like Salsify. 

By centralizing all of your product content, connecting it to your consumers everywhere they are, and automating processes, our clients efficiently deliver the best possible product experiences and drive continued business growth.

Salsify PXM

“CQL is a preferred partner for Salsify in many D2C as well as PXM projects. The CQL team helps us deliver powerful commerce experiences through their subject matter expertise and consultative approach. With Salsify & CQL, we power top-notch shopping experiences for our customers and help brands win on the digital shelf.”


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Explore Salsify research and value-focused content, stay ahead of industry trends, discover proven ecommerce strategies, and unlock the potential of your product experiences on the digital shelf.


“CQL and Salsify have worked together extensively through numerous projects to implement first class PXM solutions for industry leading commerce brands. With Salsify, our clients have a unified, central point of truth for product and content management, delivering business efficiencies and a consistent user experience throughout all customer touch points.”



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