Iconic American Boot Brand Gets STYLED UP


Fashion Meets Timeless Design​

When Frye, one of the original makers of American footwear, decided to transition their digital presence, they looked to CQL as the trusted strategic advisor to design and implement a seamless transition for the luxury boot brand.

Although already on Shopify, the Frye brand needed a digital refresh, new technical operations & backend integrations, and a more stable site structure for growth and supporting Footwear Unlimited, Frye’s core operating partner, brands. Using CQL’s Shopify Digital Experience Blueprint, PropelFrye launched a new omni-channel experience, designed with UX best practices, scalability, and deep integration with top commerce experience partners including YotpoSearchspring, and Gorgias.

Frye’s 160-year heritage as an iconic boot brand worn by the confident and courageous remains preserved, while the brand continues to evolve and introduce designs through a modern lens. Using Shopify’s 2.0 editor and Propel’s flexible content framework, the new Frye website offers visually driven landing pages, social media influencer UGC, and a custom integration for Frye Boots lovers to buy/sell boots on The Frye Exchange.

With investment pieces that last a lifetime, Frye Boots now has a digital infrastructure ready to grow and expand with them.


A Roadmap For Expansion & Growth


Since 1863, The Frye Company is an American manufacturer of shoes, boots, and leather accessories. As the original craftsmen of American Footwear, Frye has a heritage of quality, durability, craft, and timeless design – told in every stitch of their shoes, across cultural shifts and changes in tastes, for generation upon generation. Frye is the most legendary name in the history of boots.


Footwear Unlimited needed to update Frye’s website with new technical requirements – including ecosystem maps, platform requirements, and system integrations. In addition, Frye needed a new solution that would provide scalability for their entire brand portfolio, optimize the user experience, and drive new marketing initiatives. 

THE result

Already on Shopify, Frye collaborated with CQL to redesign their digital marketing experience, incorporating a brand refresh, new marketing platform partners ,and backend operational integrations. Frye’s new ecosystem allows their marketing team to take over management & growth of Frye’s website, expand marketing channels and site enhancements, and scale future brands on Shopify’s platform.

Frye Boots - Made in the USA

Design That's Bold. Elevated. Original.

With Americana roots and product designs that stand the test of time, Frye Boots needed a modernized design that targeted main-stream fashion but stayed close to its authentic heritage brand. Their brand refresh blends the pride of American quality and craftsmanship, timeless product designs, luxurious high-end fashion, and superior quality that lasts a lifetime.


Frye Boots Spring Collections

Award Winning Design & User Experience

The Frye Company is the proud recipient of the Vega Digital Awards, NYX Awards, Marcom Awards, W3 Awards, and AVA Digital Awards. These awards celebrate achievement in innovation and imagination, recognizing the outstanding efforts in design, branding, and content creation.

The Frye Exchange​

Frye boots are truly timeless and can be passed down for generations. Best yet, The Frye Company features a custom integration called “The Frye Exchange,” a place where Frye brand lovers can go to sell and buy pre-loved styles. A perfect feature for boot collectors or fashion-forward influencers, the website keeps track of all of your previous purchases for a future sale or is able to look up a store purchase, so shoppers can easily buy or sell their favorite Frye Boots styles. 

Frye Product Cards

“CQL delivered outstanding technical expertise for Footwear Unlimited following our acquisition of Frye, allowing us to take site management in-house and refresh the user experience. With Shopify, we have a robust foundation for growth, optimized site performance, and a platform that allows our team to deliver personalized shopping experiences that drive engagement.”


EVP of Ecommerce and Marketing