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SHOPIFY PLUS Case Study: Bauer

The Ultimate Edge - On Ice & Online

Bauer Hockey Corporation is known internationally for developing the most innovative products in the industry, starting with the first skates built in the 1920’s. As the market leader and most trusted brand in hockey equipment continued to grow, it became weighed down on a commerce platform with complex customizations, slow mobility to release new features/functionality, and heavy reliance on development support.

In Q4 2022, Bauer stormed the online arena with its continued commitment to innovation: a strategic redesign & replatform play on Shopify Plus. To build the new Shopify infrastructure, CQL partnered with Bauer in a co-development relationship, leading the platform migration, Shopify Plus design and build, integrations, and support.

The new site pushes the boundaries with an innovative design that engages users:

  • a brand refresh, repositioning Bauer as a lifestyle brand for all things outdoor winter;
  • internationalization to support the Netherlands, Canada, and US currency and languages;
  • third party integrations with Klaviyo, Searchspring, Loop Returns, and more; 
  • Bauer’s custom site features including Game Fit (Finding the Perfect Fit), Custom (Personalized Hockey Equipment), and Stick Warranties

With a simplified technology stack, increased speed to market for new features, lower costs, and exponential growth opportunities, Bauer has given its marketing team the ability to enhance the consumer experience daily, provide a dynamic onsite experience, and maintain its edge in growing the Bauer brand.




You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take


Bauer Hockey is the world’s leading designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of ice hockey equipment. Founded in Kitchener, Ontario in 1927, Bauer developed the first skate with a blade attached to a boot, forever changing the game of hockey. Since then, Bauer has continued to develop the most innovative products in the industry.


As Bauer attempted to modernize their brand, introduce new site features, and build partnerships with new brands; they found themselves beholden to their current platform, hindering Bauer’s ability to grow and innovate. The Bauer team needed a strategic replatform move, shifting to a cost effective, simpler tech stack that allowed for agility and growth.


Geared up with a new design, Bauer’s new ecosystem significantly lowers heavy IT support and provides a foundation to build out additional brands quickly and cost effectively. Bauer’s site gives internal teams the flexibility & control needed to drive revenue, reach new demographics, improve conversion and AOV, and provide a dynamic onsite experience.

Bauer Hockey UI

A New Brand Experience

The new site introduces Bauer’s new design vision, innovating itself as a lifestyle brand to customers. Bauer focuses on diversity and inclusion, hockey culture, and a user experience that appeals to former hockey players, hockey fans, and general winter outdoor enthusiasts. 

With their strategic replatform move, Bauer benefits from a new page designer tool, providing their team full control to ramp up on-site content, assist shoppers with purchases, educate buyers on products, and build out storytelling throughout the site.

Bauer PDP

The Results


revenue increase


Order increase


conversion rate increase


total orders attributed to search


increase in revenue generated from search


higher conversion rate from search

Bauer Skate PDP

"Game Fit" Strategy

Shopify is impressive with its ability to integrate with a marketplace full of 3rd party apps or enhance with custom code. Bauer’s new site featured several customizations, including:

  • integrations with SAP, Klaviyo (email), Searchspring (search, merchandising, and personalization), and other 3rd parties;
  • build out of their “Game Fit” section, helping shoppers find the perfect fit for skates, helmets, and sticks;
  • personalized, custom hockey gear; and
  • geo-targeting, directing users to its US or Canada website, available in French and English.

Bauer Scores Big with Searchspring

CQL recommended Searchspring for its easy integration and proven success in increasing conversions on Shopify Plus. Once integrated, Bauer quickly leveraged Searchspring’s robust merchandising suite – utilizing campaign scheduling, inline banners, product pinning, and more. Tailored product suggestions are also placed strategically throughout the site, offering hyper-relevant and personalized recommendations for customers based on previous shopping behaviors.

Within the first 4 months of leveraging Searchspring, 14% of orders were be attributed to search. Bauer’s online store experienced a 2.6x increase in revenue and a 2.2x increase in conversion rates from shoppers using search than those not using search. 

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