Helping Shopify’s best brands optimize return costs, retain more revenue, and prevent return losses.​

Loop is a Shopify-exclusive return app that provides a branded-returns experience that lets your customers exchange for any product in your online store. And it’s all automated.

The average brand on Shopify sees more than 95% of their customer return requests end up as refunds. And the remaining returns are exchanges.

But with Loop, brands retain revenue on up to 50% of their returns. 

Loop’s platform helps your brand find a path to profitability in the following 4 areas:

Optimize your return costs

  • Save on your shipping costs with access to the lowest shipping rates
  • Save hundreds of hours for your CS team by automating returns management 

Retain your revenue and customers

  • Decrease your refunds and drive upsells by influencing customers to exchange for a variant or any other different priced product
  • Increase your customer retention using personalized return experiences for VIPs and 1st-time customers to drive repeat purchases

Prevent your customers from abusing your return policy

  • Mitigate your losses by identifying and stopping specific customers from abusing your policy
  • Control which of your customers can return and which of your products are eligible for a return

Reduce your return rates

  • Prevent unnecessary returns by having insights into which of your products are being returned most and why
  • Help your customers buy the right size the first time by leveraging your customer return feedback

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CQL/Loop Clients

About Loop

“Enterprise brands have a competitive advantage migrating and launching on Shopify with CQL. Their origin in custom, complex development that’s integrated with their heavy investment into the Shopify platform empowers brands to have a comprehensive and objective recommendation to succeed in ecommerce. It’s agency partners like CQL who help us and brands innovate what the future of commerce looks like in the Shopify ecosystem.”


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Loop Together Your Entire Returns Process

Loop easily integrates with a variety of tools to make returns automation even easier. You can show returns info inside of Gorgias, send return events to your 3PL (like ShipBob), and even fully integrate into an ERP (like Netsuite).

Other Loop integrations include:

  • Klaviyo – Expand Klaviyo by utilizing Loop’s post-purchase data. You’ll be able to recreate Loop notifications, create custom email flows, build segments, and access email health metrics
  • ReCharge – Link Loop and ReCharge to automatically issue 1-time refunds on ReCharge subscription orders
  • ShipHero – Create returns in ShipHero as soon as a customer’s return is created, and process or flag returns inside Loop based on return status updates in ShipHero
  • UPS and USPS – Connect Loop via EasyPost to easily create return shipping labels.
Loop Returns Integrations

“CQL is excited to deliver exceptional returns and exchange experiences with Loop Returns. Returns are inevitable. Loop’s solution offers a range of options that steer the customer away from refunds, turning lost revenue into new sales while maximizing customer retention. Even better for our clients, the solution is customizable and integrates with Shopify’s top strategic app partners. ”



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