CQL and Klaviyo: Fueling growth for our clients via email & SMS

Klaviyo’s marketing platform, powered by advanced personalization and automation, brings ultra-relevant brand experiences through email and SMS.

CQL builds ecommerce websites to engage and convert shoppers, and driving traffic to the site is a key component to overall success.  We depend on industry-leading solutions to power a chain reaction of traffic, engagement and conversion and repeat visits. An important  tool in our arsenal is our partnership with Klaviyo as their marketing platform uses customer data to send personalized and relevant messages that bring shoppers to the site to buy.

Building customer  relationships online is a lot like building any other relationship in person: It all comes down to listening closely and acting thoughtfully. With Klaviyo, our clients have all the tools to understand customer data and personalize brand interactions on a one-to-one basis. Their platform allows merchants to:

  • Build a deeper understanding of your customers with real-time data
    • Build audience and gather information with customizable forms like pop-ups and fly-outs
    • Integrate with more than 60 native integrations to pull in data from other solutions
    • Subscriber and customer profiles pull all of their real-time data into a single view
  • Discover powerful insights and big opportunities
    • Segmentation targets specific audiences by building segments that update in real time
    • Reporting provides critical insights to measure performance
    • Data science is used to predict customer behavior & metrics
    • A 360 degree view of business and metrics provide advanced business intelligence
  • Deliver more valuable, relevant brand experiences
    • Build more valuable customer relationships by sending deeply personalized content
    • Customize automated interactions 
    • Deliver consistent experiences across all ecommerce and social media

Klaviyo’s marketing platform helps your ecommerce business from day one, and scales as you grow. A strategy that combines email and SMS with integrations to your ecommerce platform, CRM, social media, and affiliate, loyalty, reviews and rewards programs brings a powerful relationship to lift your brand connectedness to your customers to a whole new level.

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About Klaviyo

“CQL is a seasoned Klaviyo partner, providing exceptional services for brands and their customers. By combining email and SMS in Klaviyo, the CQL Team exhibits expertise with a deliberate multichannel approach for their clients. At Klaviyo, we can count on CQL to continuously strive to prove ROI for our shared clients in the enterprise space.”

Stephanie Faria

Senior Partner Manager


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Personalization at Scale: Klaviyo One

Klaviyo One is an offering that combines enterprise-grade flexibility and features with a new dimension of premium support. It’s an all-in-one, omnichannel solution for managing real-time customer data and delivering outstanding personalized experiences at scale.

Klaviyo One unlocks all your customer data so you can create rich personalized experiences with best-in-class email and SMS—bringing customers back again (and again).

“Every customer experience is unique, and we want to provide our clients with a marketing platform that makes it easy to segment their customer base and automate workflows to individualize the customer journey. Klaviyo delivers personalized messaging that makes people feel like they are a part of the brand. CQL is not only partnered with Klaviyo, but we are also a customer.”



Partnership Manager