A Shopping Experience That Delivers a Strike

Shopify Plus Case Study: Fōwling​

Fōwling, Home of the Original Football Bowling Pin Game

When you’re as obsessed with bowling as you are football, how do you decide between them? You don’t—you play both at the same time!

Fōwling, discovered in 2001 while tailgating at the Indy 500, combines football and bowling for a fun, one-lane mashup of these favorite sports. With six successful Fōwling Warehouse locations, Fōwling Enterprise, LLC, decided to introduce Fōwling nationwide with its first-ever portable fowling set. As the exclusive licensing distributor, Escalade Sports needed to launch Fōwling’s new site with a new product in under 4 months. How did Escalade Sports meet their spring launch date in time for tailgating and BBQ season?

It was almost as easy as throwing a football!

With its replatform to Shopify Plus in 2021, Escalade Sports had selected a commerce platform that would allow them to to launch into new markets and introduce new brands quickly and cost-effectively. The Escalade Sports portfolio of brands, including OnixLifeline FitnessSTIGAGoalsetter, and American Heritage, were built on Shopify Plus’ scalable framework to support future growth and acquisitions (like Fōwling). Utilizing Shopify’s multi-site framework, Fōwling was able to launch in less than 4 months with a D2C (Direct to Consumer) website leveraging the shopping experiences, site optimizations, feature sets, and integrations of the entire Escalade portfolio of brands. The new site features a shopping section to purchase a fowling set, a How to Play section complete with instructions, official AFA rules and videos, and a Fowling Warehouse location finder.

The new Fōwling site was built in partnership with the Fōwling & CQL teams. CQL built the Shopify Plus storefront and theme for Fōwling, developed custom middleware to connect to Fōwling’s AS400 ERP system, optimized the site for SEO, and integrated the website with Salsify’s PIM, Klaviyo, Elevar, Avalara, and other third party applications. The Fōwling team prepared product data, design assets, videos, and built out the site content. The launch of Fōwling marks the 11th site for Escalade Sports in approximately 14 months. Get your #fowlon and check out the first ever portable fōwling set at PlayFowling.com!



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Excelling in Multi-Site Solutions with Shopify Plus​

Escalade Sports is the exclusive licensing distributor of the first-ever portable Fōwling™ game set. With Fōwling as the 11th brand to launch with CQL on the Shopify Plus platform, Escalade Sports has become a prime example of how to effectively implement a multi-brand, multi-site solution that scales, converts, and builds an innovative customer experience for each brand.

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