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Shopify Case Study: Lifeline Fitness

Lifeline Fitness Expands Into Full Fitness Retail​

Lifeline Fitness has been the brand of choice for gyms, equipment buyers, and sports trainers for over 45 years. They are true fitness experts that are at the forefront of new training techniques that advance athletic performance. So, “Powered by Innovation” is much more than a slogan, it’s their reputation. Given the need for high-quality fitness equipment in the consumer market today, Lifeline is expanding their D2C reach with a rebuilt retail website. Lifeline partnered with CQL to modernize the brand to better connect with retail customers and engineer a stable, scalable technology solution for retail growth.

Built on Shopify, the new website provides the stability and ease of management the business team needs to focus on merchandising their innovative products to new audiences and expanding into new markets.

Lifeline Fitness
Lifeline Fitness Powered By Innovation

Getting Fit For B2C

Getting the experience right for a retail-focused audience meant aligning the product data, SEO, and site taxonomy strategies. The new site streamlines wayfinding for customers that are fitness experts and provides added context for customers with little knowledge that are coming to the site to learn.

Lifeline Panel
Lifeline Fitness Screens

Branded Content

Expanding into the D2C space brings a host of new brand opportunities for Lifeline. The new website gives the marketing and merchandising teams site management tools to create fresh content stories. Content modules are positioned strategically within the shopping experience to encourage exploration and aid in understanding unique product lines.

Lifeline Fitness Ball Weights
Lifeline Fitness Exercise Balls
Lifeline Fitness Yoga

Built for Big Gains on Shopify

Lifeline Fitness is owned and managed by Escalade Sports. The CQL and Escalade teams architected a repeatable model on Shopify that supports an entire portfolio of Escalade Sports equipment brands. Escalade’s strategy to replatform on Shopify was a crucial step to transition from a CIO mindset, to a CMO growth-focused approach. CQL provided a new digital identity, mobile-first redesign, and a 10 week launch. The new site has improved content, schema, SEO, analytics, data layer and overall customer experience.