A Shift to Shopify To Make New STRIDES
Stride Rite

Shopify Case Study: stride rite

Making Big Strides with an Industry-Leading Digital Experience​

Stride Rite engaged with CQL on a “blue-sky” design exploration, where we envisioned the future of the brand, developed ideas to deepen customer loyalty, and build more meaningful site experiences through inspirational designs and feature sets. Stride Rite’s wish list of mobile optimization, internationalization, enhanced loyalty programs, and channel expansion required the brand to reevaluate their current commerce ecosystem and platform, which relied heavily on development resources and required large financial investments. The platform evaluation shifted Stride Rite from a CTO mentality, where they focus on technology and development, to a CMO mentality, where they focused on growth and empowering marketing teams.

Stride Rite selected the Shopify platform, which provided the brand with rich feature sets, easy integrations to partners like Searchspring and Salsify, and reduced the total cost of ownership by nearly 50%. The new website, launched in December 2021, showcases a creative redesign, mobile responsiveness, enhanced search and personalization, streamlined checkout, and scalability for the brand’s future growth.  

Stride Rite


Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify

Stepping into a Scalable Framework for Growth

The Challenge

Like most brands, finding the right ecosystem to support a growing, enterprise-level business is challenging.  As Stride Rite began its design exploration of the “future of Stride Rite,” it became clear that, to make their vision a reality and best prepare for growth, the brand needed to make a substantial investment in technology and support staff, or re-evaluate the current platform and tech stack.

Evaluating Commerce Platforms

Stride Rite needed a platform built for growth and scalability. Working with CQL, Stride Rite began a platform evaluation process, including total cost of ownership evaluation, conversion rate analysis & revenue impact projections, feature requirements & platform considerations, and organizational fit (team size, expertise, roadmap, and culture).

The Results

Stride Rite’s new site, built on Shopify, features a transformative redesign, a new navigation taxonomy streamlined for conversion, and mobile optimization. Its new tech stack is designed for future growth and stability, plus lower technical expenses, all while empowering the brand to focus on content, marketing, and acquisition to cultivate deeper relationships with customers.

Stride Rite Screens

Powerful Navigation & Personalization with Searchspring

Stride Rite’s new website features the use of artificial intelligence (AI) through Searchspring’s merchandising, site search, and personalization features. With its new navigational taxonomy and rich search features, Striderite.com features a backend that gives staff full control over search results, search rankings, in-grid content, and advanced filtering by brands, product features (light up, machine washable, etc), and more.

With partners like Salsify and Searchspring, Stride Rite can deliver a next-gen experience by unifying  product information, providing personalized product recommendations, and cultivating customer loyalty through a meaningful and memorable product experience.

Searchspring powers Stride Rite’s product recommendations and personalization throughout the website, and is prominently featured on the home page and product pages. Personalization is tied to customer browse data, as well as order history data.

Stride Rite Filtering

Replatforming for Speed & Growth on Shopify

Stride Rite switched from a CTO to CMO mindset in their adoption of Shopify. Instead of a CTO approach that relies on solving complex technical problems and a large development staff, Stride Rite shifted to a CMO approach, which focuses on marketing, conversion, and experience design to drive revenue and plan for future growth.

Shopify provided Stride Rite with a new brand experience, a path for growth and scalability (including internationalization and multi-site/multi-brand sites), easy integrations with partners like Searchspring and Salsify, mobile optimization, marketing ownership of the site with easy drag-and-drop management, a reduction in the total cost of ownership, and a solid fit for their organization’s long-term strategy and roadmap..

Stride Rite SEO

Optimized for Organic Search

Utilizing SEO strategies during a site migration is crucial to preserving a brand’s SEO equity, maintaining search engine rankings, preventing broken links, and providing a seamless user experience.

When Stride Rite decided to migrate to Shopify, CQL’s SEO team worked with Stride Rite to manage all SEO migration elements, including redirects, meta data, and page content. The involvement of SEO from discovery to post-launch support prevented any setbacks in organic traffic and search engine visibility and ensured optimal performance at launch. 

Since launch, the Stride Rite brand has risen to new ranking heights and is seeing more organic success than ever before. 


During our long-term partnership with CQL, Stride Rite’s wish list of digital features – such as mobile responsiveness, PDP & Checkout optimization, multi-site and internationalization – was growing rapidly, but so was our technical complexity and expenses to implement the changes. Stride Rite’s newly launched tech stack, designed for future growth and stability, lowers our total cost of ownership significantly and empowers our eCommerce teams to focus on content, marketing, and acquisition to cultivate deeper relationships with our customers.


Executive Vice President