CQL and Gorgias: Turning your customer support into a profit center​

Gorgias provides a holistic view of your customers across multiple channels to provide them with fast and personalized support that drives conversions.

A quality ecommerce platform should include forward-thinking solutions built for tomorrow’s success. That’s why CQL has partnered with leading technologies, like Gorgias, to give our clients a powerful and innovative tool that’s designed for meaningful connections with customers.  

Built for e-commerce, Gorgias is the helpdesk that empowers you and your support team with a single dashboard that allows your team members to manage every customer conversation with a personalized approach.  With Gorgias, you can:

  • Integrate your voice, chat, email, SMS, and social media channels into one sequential, omnichannel, view of the customer.
  • Use automation tools designed to resolve common customer inquiries so you can focus on conversations that no robot can answer.
  • Immediately respond to customers asking about your products on your ads and posts, increasing your sales and ad effectiveness.
  • Create chat campaigns on PDPs to spark conversation around specific products or offer product-specific discounts when customers linger.
  • Review Gorgias revenue statistics that measure how much money your support team is generating by helping customers through the purchasing journey.
  • Optimize your upsell strategy by quickly identifying the tickets that made the sale. Analyze the ticket details to understand what works and what doesn’t.
  • Pair Gorgias with your ecommerce tools via native integrations, including Yotpo, Loop, Klaviyo, Attentive, and Recharge.
  • Export your Gorgias data to your CRM or ERP, with robust documentation and flexible APIs.
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About Gorgias

“After a website replatform or redesign, e-commerce merchants often ask ‘what’s next?’ in terms of digital growth. CQL not only helps merchants grow through beautiful and strategic development, but also continues to help brands grow and innovate far beyond the ‘what’s next?’ phase. Throughout the entirety of their process, CQL is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. Gorgias is proud to work closely with CQL to deliver outstanding customer experiences.”


Strategic Partner Manager


A Look Inside: Gorgias Helpdesk & Live Chat​

Gorgias is the helpdesk and customer service software exclusively for e-commerce businesses. It meets all your needs for keeping up with customer requests and staying organized. 

The intuitive UI in Gorgias allows you to centralize all of your customer interactions in one feed – from website forms and live chat to social media comments and messages. Your team can engage with customers at every touchpoint, increase conversion rates by turning visitors to shoppers, and get a view of the full customer journey, including orders, chats, returns, loyalty points, and more.

Gorgias Screens

“Gorgias’ all-in-one customer support helpdesk puts the power of personalized interactions in the hands of our clients. Specifically designed for e-commerce stores, Gorgias ensures online shoppers receive the personal touch that they get in-store. Simply put…Gorgias is customer service at its best.”



Partnership Manager