CQL and Attentive: Powering impactful SMS experiences that boost conversions

Attentive’s text message marketing solution built to drive 18.5% of online revenue.

Attentive is the leader in conversational commerce, reinventing business to consumer communication. Their SMS-first software platform helps brands strengthen relationships with their consumers in a new way. Through two-way, real-time, personalized communications, Attentive drives billions in e-commerce revenue and over 8,000+ leading brands to deliver powerful commerce experiences through personalized text messaging.

Attentive’s text message marketing solution is built to drive online revenue through a powerful combination of:

  • Growth: Create, promote, and program click-worthy sign-up forms for your campaigns. Grounded in compliance—focused on growth
  • Audience Management: Target the right audience with personalized text messages.
  • Messaging: Capture customer attention at every stage—from first touch to latest transaction
  • Analytics/Business Intelligence: Uplevel your strategy and make smarter decisions with advanced reporting
  • Email: AI and automation capabilities are designed to help you orchestrate and maximize your email (and SMS) marketing programs.
  • Integration Capabilities: Supercharge your mobile messaging strategy by leveraging our suite of integrations, including various e-commerce platforms (Shopify, SFCC, BigCommerce), Loop, Recharge, Aftership, Zendesk, and 100+ more.

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“Through our partnership with CQL, we have a growth-minded, high-caliber collaborator that consistently aims to drive progress for our mutual brands. As one of our most reliable agency partners, we entrust CQL with some of our most strategic client projects. They possess an in-depth understanding of Attentive’s SMS and email marketing platform, and excel in executing at a very high level to achieve success for our customers.”

mahdi mahil

Technology Partner Manager


7 Ways to Increase Your SMS Conversion Rates

Increasing your SMS conversion rates is key to getting the most bang for your marketing buck—and increasing your customers’ lifetime value for long-term growth. Below are Attentive’s Top 7 Ways to Increase Your SMS Conversions:

  1. Tailor your messaging to the season and promotional period you’re in.
  2. Lean into your brand voice
  3. Build a collection of go-to segments
  4. Be your subscribers’ personal shopper
  5. Deliver more relevant experiences using product data
  6. A/B test message copy formats
  7. Improve your on-site experience
7 Ways to Increase Your SMS Conversion Rates by Attentive

“Through our Attentive partnership, our clients are enabled with a personalized way to connect consumers to their brand, drive incremental revenue through an ever-present channel (mobile phones) while increasing brand loyalty along the way.”



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