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Paula's Choice Skincare

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Case Study: Paula's Choice​

Research-Based Skin Care and User Experience​

Paula’s Choice Skincare, launched in 1995, was founded on one philosophy: providing smart, safe, and effective skin care, supported and verified by extensive research. For the last 4 years, Paula’s Choice has partnered with CQL to bring the same commitment to research and innovation to its website, showcasing an unparalleled customer experience and generating conversation rate increases of 50%+ year-over-year. is built on a headless commerce platform with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, providing flexibility, extensibility, and ease of digital transformation as new technologies are added to the website. The entire portfolio of CQL’s work can be seen on Paula’s Choice, including:

  • Enhanced content management, product merchandising, and landing pages,
  • A new facelift to the skincare ingredient dictionary, featuring best-practice UX, search features, and advanced filtering functionality,
  • CRO-focused UX Audit of Cart & Checkout and subsequent redesign of the experience to improve and optimize performance, and
  • UX consultation and design recommendations for improvements to key areas of the site, including the product pages (PDP)

As a result of CQL’s UX Audit, CRO recommendations, and front-end development enhancements, generated a 53.6% increase in conversion rates year-over-year, reduced abandoned carts by 7.8%, and reduced abandoned checkouts by 62.5%! With Paula’s Choice, shoppers can enjoy the best of both worlds – effective, research-based skincare products and effective, research-based online user experiences that build brand loyalty and produce glowing results.

Paula's Choice Skincare


53.6% Conversion Rate Increase
7.8% Reduced Abandoned Carts
62.5% Reduced Abandoned Checkouts


Paula's Choice Screenshots

Optimizing Online Experiences with Usability & CRO Audits

In an effort to increase conversions and prioritize a list of development projects, CQL’s UX team began a comprehensive audit of consisting of a six part process:

  • Discussing development plans, customer service insights, and goals with the Paula’s Choice management team
  • Conducting user research and reviewing website analytics, heat maps, segmentation, and user sessions
  • Auditing the site with both manual and automatic testing processes and benchmarking tools
  • Researching best practices, industry trends, and competitors
  • Compiling UX Audit findings and delivering a prioritized log of identified issues and suggested next steps
  • Creating new low- and high-fidelity designs for the entire Cart & Checkout experience as well as interface specifications prescribing the rules & functionality of the experience for development by the Paula’s Choice team

Based on the UX audit findings, the Paula’s Choice development team implemented recommended improvements, including cleaning up product data in the cart; adding a persistent order overview; emphasizing the perks program, account creation, and promotions; improving the checkout flow; updating the cart and checkout design; and improving information hierarchy.

Audit Process

The Results

Implementation of the cart & checkout improvements made a significant impact to the skincare brand. The continued success of exemplifies its commitment to scientific research in all things, from smart skin care to smart website UX and design.







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