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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Case Study: PetSmart​

Service Bookings Made Seamlessly​

PetSmart, Inc. is the largest specialty pet retailer of products, services, and solutions for pets, operating more than 1,650 pet stores in both the United States and Canada. With an ever-growing online presence, PetSmart partnered with CQL to create a new services booking experience for their dog and cat clients that could handle a large number of reservations for pet services such as grooming, training classes, PetsHotel, Doggie Day Camp, and more. With PetSmart expanding their in-store service offerings, it was essential they could handle increased capacity through this site, provide customers with a great user experience, and grow revenues through this offering of expanded services.

In an effort to provide a fast and scalable solution, CQL built a responsive site that allows flexible content to be controlled by the business team at PetSmart, improves the user experience to drive service bookings, and enables a seamless single-sign-on experience between and their new services site.  

CQL collaborated closely with PetSmart to recommend and to define all functional areas that were needed for the redesigned Pet Services site. We identified tools and technologies to connect securely to their systems while still providing a fast and optimized experience for the pet owner.




Salesforce Commerce Cloud
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Redux Sagas

The Ask

PetSmart came to us looking to develop a new services site that could accommodate the growing volume of in-store service bookings. They were struggling with a large volume of calls regarding customers having issues using the previous services site.

THE Answer

Utilizing CQL’s extended Salesforce Commerce Cloud experience coupled with our design and technology knowledge, CQL created functionality providing PetSmart’s users a seamless experience when booking services appointments to a PetSmart store. We worked with PetSmart to architect a solution hosted in the Azure cloud.


The site used Contentful as a flexible CDN, React with Redux on the front end, and .NET on the back end. We identified tools and technologies that could be used to best fit their needs and solved problems with connecting securely to their Salesforce Commerce Cloud main site.

Implementing New Tools to Optimize the User Experience

We collaborated closely with PetSmart to define all functional areas that were needed based on the new site design. The majority of the functionality on the site runs on the browser side and relies heavily on shared APIs that the existing mobile apps use. We implemented new tools such as React, Redux Sagas, and used a flexible JSON Content Management System to improve PetSmart’s technologies. These tools essentially ensured the services site developed and sent data, via API, to the main site seamlessly, and quickly.

Dog grooming app and development case study

Collaborating with Multi-Platform Systems to Create Consistency

The previous service’s site had quite a few limitations that needed to be overcome, including an inability for a user to update a pet’s profile, book training classes, and access bookings through a single sign-on experience with To address these limitations, CQL worked with the PetSmart’s services and Janrain teams and also collaborated with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud development team to ensure consistency between the services site and

Services Team

Janrain Team

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development Team

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