Costa Replatforms Their Site on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Costa is the world’s leading manufacturer of performance sunglasses. The brand got its start in 1983 when die-hard fishermen battling extreme elements came to realize the sunglasses they were relying on weren’t as hardcore as their adventures.

After seeing consecutive years of explosive growth, Costa began realizing some limitations on their current commerce platform and turned to CQL to launch their online store on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We implemented their new platform and reimagined the user experience, enabling them to capitalize on the momentum they were experiencing in the market.


Mobile Commerce
Experience Design


Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The Ask

Costa was searching for a commerce solution that could scale with their brand and a user experience that would allow them to connect with new consumers in untapped markets.

The Answer

Knowing two-thirds of Costa’s site traffic came from a mobile device, we created a mobile-first experience on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform and provided them a scalable solution that would allow them to achieve global growth.

The Result

The improved site experience resulted in higher conversion rates ultimately leading to an an increase in overall revenue, including a significant spike in sales on mobile devices.

By the numbers

31%Revenue Increase
64%Increase in Mobile Traffic
40%Revenue Increase on Mobile

Salesforce Provides a Scalable Solution

With their sights set on global expansion, Salesforce Commerce Cloud provided a platform designed to grow with the Costa brand. They gained new features and enterprise commerce capabilities, paving the way for the addition of other Salesforce solutions down the road, such as a Marketing Cloud CRM integration.

Connecting Costa to new audiences.

Costa wanted to expand their reach to audiences outside their typical customer niche. We designed interactive lookbooks with images that showcased their products in a variety of environments. These lookbooks allowed consumers to visualize how Costa products could fit into their lifestyle.

Powering Product Visualization

Different lens colors have different visual effects and can impact how someone views their environment. We developed a tool to help customers visualize those differences and find the right lens for any occasion.

Custom Typography

We enhanced Costa’s online brand with a custom font and interface elements that resembled their logo.

Designing a Mobile-First Experience

Consumers have come to expect a consistent online experience across all devices. We created an intuitive mobile design that made it easy for their customers to navigate the site.

Personalizing Product Selections

Customers looking to purchase a product can choose from popular sunglass configurations or customize their own unique pair of sunglasses.

Popular Combinations

Personalized Choice