Custom Development

In today’s bustling ecommerce space, turning an idea into reality takes a team of custom web developers seasoned in the art of doing the impossible. CQL’s extensive experience with custom development means we’ll design, build, deploy, and support a personalized system truly tailored to your business.

Custom Software Solutions

CQL focuses on each business’ unique needs and harnesses powerful software solutions to craft custom developed integrations, cartridges, and technologies.

Content Management (CMS)

Order Management (OMS)

Product Management (PIM)

Product Configurator

Custom LINK Cartridges

iOS Mobile Applications

Our go-to technologies

With the right combination of technologies, CQL’s experienced custom development team can craft a reliable integration or full-featured solution with ease.

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.Net Core logo

C# .NET Core

C#. NET Core is an open-source programming language and framework used to develop multi-platform, object-oriented solutions. This widely used, enterprise-ready technology stack can help a team develop custom applications and software.

Ruby on Rails logo

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a flexible, open-source software development framework built on the Ruby programming language. This powerful option includes ready-made developer tools focused on business features, an MVC structure, and emphasizes both convention and configuration.

PHP logo


PHP is one of the most widely used general-purpose scripting languages in the world. PHP is featured in content management systems, such as WordPress and Magento, and is the basis of many free or economical technologies.

Node.js logo


Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to write front-end and back-end code in the same language, create cross-platform applications, and manage scalable server-side network applications.


Adobe ColdFusion leverages familiar HTML and JavaScript-like syntax to rapidly build web applications. This highly adaptable development platform is a popular solution for major technology groups and custom development firms.

HTML icon


HTML is the foundational aspect of any website, tool, or application. CQL has developed custom solutions for clients for more than 25 years by creating semantically correct and scalable HTML which can be adjusted and improved as technologies change.

Sass logo


SASS is a CSS preprocessor that offers improved speed and efficiency when developing site-wide style frameworks and serving high-performance stylesheet files to browsers. CQL uses SASS to plug programmatic holes in CSS and implement easy-to-maintain code for any website.

TypeScript logo


TypeScript provides developers with highly productive tools and a robust compiler aimed at improving the code writing process. This tool makes it easier for developers of all skill levels to read, understand, and debug code, and then implement flexible solutions.

React logo


React allows developers to create web applications of all sizes with fast, scalable approaches that can update data on-demand without a full page reload. React is an excellent choice for improving user interfaces and defining your brand’s overall online experience.

Vue.js logo


Vue.js is a highly flexible JavaScript framework designed to allow fast integration with various applications and platforms. Developers use Vue.js to develop specific aspects for custom tool and application development work.

Angular logo


Angular is a powerful front-end framework equipped with a robust series of components capable of helping developers write readable, maintainable, and easy-to-use code using HTML and TypeScript.

Microsoft SQL Server logo

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL server is a highly scalable database management system with built-in business intelligence capabilities that allow business owners to identify transactional consistencies and run continuous analysis on commerce performance.

mongo DB logo


MongoDB is a reliable data storage system that pairs high performance and availability with automatic scaling. With quick installation and the use of JSON and BSON document options, MongoDB is a great choice for any application.

MySQL logo


MySQL is an open-source database software that powers major sites like Facebook, Google, Adobe, Alcatel Lucent, and Zappos. This dynamic option is backed by Oracle and can be used for data warehousing, ecommerce management, and more.

Elasticsearch logo


Elasticsearch is a widely used open-source search and analytics solution. With an emphasis on speed, scale, and relevance, Elasticsearch has been an integral component in CQL’s custom ecommerce development services since its introduction.

Microsoft Power BI logo

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI’s selection of data visualization tools and business intelligence capabilities make it an excellent choice for ecommerce groups looking to create their own reports and brand management dashboards.

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services logo

SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) provides users with a report building tool specifically designed for ease-of-use through reduced complexity and improved data review capabilities.

Tableau logo


Tableau is one of the most powerful and widely used data visualization tools on the market. Companies can quickly and easily compare data and create visualizations through customizable dashboards and worksheets.

Mode logo

Glew, Mode

Glew allows marketing teams, operations personnel, agencies, c-suites, and more to stay plugged into ecommerce performance. Reports are automatically created through Interactive Mode, which makes it easier for all team members to monitor performance.

Amazon Web Services logo

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides online businesses with an on-demand cloud computing platform designed to help companies manage, store, and deliver content. AWS maintains dedicated security teams, which means more protection for your platform.

Azure logo

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud computing service designed to allow easy movement between on-premise and public cloud systems. Azure improves usability and performance by offering connections between VPNs, caches, CDNs, ExpressRoute, and more.

Windows Server logo

Windows Server

Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016 offers a high degree of manageability within virtualized and physical computing environments. This popular server operating system helps users maintain productivity and easily manage their online business.

Google Cloud Platform logo

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform was purpose-built for deploying and operating custom applications. Its services include everything from computing and big data management to machine learning, cloud management, and developer tools.

Salesforce logo

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) is a cloud-based B2C commerce platform built to handle complex marketing and product requirements while making it easy to integrate custom solutions and services.

Shopify Plus logo

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a fully hosted commerce platform designed for direct-to-consumer ecommerce businesses looking to grow. The platform features powerful SaaS support, multi-store functionality, extensive customizability, and a global support network.


Custom Configurator Bolsters Boat Buying

Driving Dealer Leads with a New Site and Configurator

Wellcraft, an American boat manufacturer, came to CQL looking for a new way to elevate their brand and stand out from the competition. Along with building them a new site, we also designed and developed a custom product configurator to support the boat-buying journey. The configurator was a first of its kind, enabled shopping and product personalization, and ultimately resulted in a significant increase in leads for Wellcraft dealerships.


Delivering a Multi-brand Solution with Workarea


Combining Beauty with Brand Vision


Grooming for Growth with a New Pet Services Booking Website

salesforce logo

“It was time. With our tech support lines taking on more and more calls, we knew we needed a solution to support our customers, streamline our online experience, and increase our B2B sales. We’re thrilled that our partnership with CQL will provide our sales and service support team with the ability to fulfill orders faster and streamline the ordering process for our staff while increasing sales.”


Director of IT


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