Helping Envision New Ideas and Digitally Transform Business

For over 20 years our business strategists, experience designers and software engineers have worked alongside the leaders at Herman Miller to envision new ideas, create technological efficiencies and digitally transform their business.

From the recent launch of IoT sensing technology that monitors space utilization all the way back to the 90’s with the launch of their first dealer project tracking tools and marketing portals, we value the term ‘working better together’ with Herman Miller. This long-term relationship has spanned many collaborative projects including:

• Business planning and envisioning
• Rapid prototyping new tools
• Launch support and lead management tools
• Advancing workplace design technology


Strategy & Innovation
Business Intelligence
Custom Software Solutions
Experience Design
Digital Marketing


Internet of Things
SQL Analysis Server/PowerBI
Rapid Prototyping
CRM & Lead Management

BI Dashboard Makes Fact-Based Decisions About Workspace Utilization

Working with some of the largest companies in the world, Herman Miller’s Space Utilization system tracks data IoT from wireless sensors attached to furniture. The sensors transmit data so clients can track and measure optimal office space utilization. Creating a work atmosphere that is comfortable, functional and that brings a sense of belonging to its employees. The system we built gathers volumes of near real-time data that could be sorted, queried and shared.

Engineering the Technology Ecosystem

Every ten seconds, IoT sensors gather information and determine if a space is in use and how many people are in the room. This information is transferred via cell technology to an IoT hub and then to a custom Microsoft SQL analysis engine. The data is displayed on a custom .NET dashboard leveraging Power BI for advanced reporting.

Rapid Prototyping Tools
for Strategic Sales Initiatives

With over 50 years of insights, Herman Miller knows what it takes to design the most productive and comfortable workplaces. Alongside their experts, our experience designers and engineers rapid prototyped an application for workplace programing. The tool encourages collaborative work-sessions and delivers results in a fraction of the time. The application now has over 400 users and is being used to plan 37 million square feet of workspace.

Providing Launch Support and Lead Management Tools for New Product Initiatives

Because Herman Miller is a company of entrepreneurial thinkers, they execute new ideas quickly and have often needed strategic and tactical support to launch new products and services in the market. This has included digital campaigns such as email marketing initiatives for new products, events, etc, as well as setting up Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to connect prospective customers to dealers.