BI Dashboard Brings Real-Time Data to the Table

Working with some of the largest companies in the world, Herman Miller is the global leader in design forward office furniture. The Herman Miller Performance Environments team tracks data with small, wireless sensors attached to furniture. The sensors transmit data so clients can track and measure office space utilization in near real-time.

Herman Miller engaged CQL to build a business intelligence dashboard that allowed their global customers to easily view key data points like peak use times by building, conference room and individual workstations. These dashboard reports were able to be segmented by department, room, floor or campus location.


Business Intelligence
Internet of Things


Custom Software

Building a Scalable Solution

With hundreds of global clients and thousands of IoT sensors in each space, we knew we needed to create a data engine that could process frequent data submissions and generate insights that could be sorted and shared in near real-time.

Engineering the Technology Ecosystem

Every ten seconds, IoT sensors gather information and determine if a space is in use and how many people are in the room. This information is transferred via cell technology to an IoT hub and then to a custom Microsoft SQL analysis engine. The data is displayed on a custom .NET dashboard leveraging Power BI for advanced reporting.