Shopify Case Study: Onix Pickleball

ONIX Remakes Professional Pickleball Online with a Reimagined Brand Home and D2C Store

Agility is taking one step when your competitor has to take two. As the number one brand in professional pickleball, the owners at Onix know how to compete. Realizing their site had become difficult to manage, they saw an opportunity to boost their day-to-day efficiency and leap further in front of the competition.

Onix partnered with CQL to design and build a site that would bring agility back to their marketing and merchandising teams. The result is a high-performing new home for the brand and a world-class ecommerce store built on Shopify.



139% Sales Increase
3X Increase in Checkouts
#1 Fastest Growing in U.S.


yoy Sales INCREASE


increase in checkouts


Fastest Growing in the U.S.

ONIX Pickleball

Home of the Next ‘Big Thing’

In 2020, pickleball became the fastest growing sport in the US. New players are taking to the court everyday. Capitalizing on a market opportunity like this takes a clear strategy and lightning-fast speed to market. ONIX set out to transform its direct-to-consumer site in 3 months to launch by Black Friday and best capitalize on this industry momentum. The CQL team focused efforts on content design, schema, SEO, analytics, and building out an improved data layer. The reimagined ONIX website hit the market within 10 weeks of project start, providing a new destination for pros, enthusiasts, and those just looking to get started in this new sport.

Pro Community & Brand Culture

Through strategic content planning, CQL and ONIX built a content approach that supports the needs of both customers and their professional player network. As a commitment to their partnership with professionals, dedicated player profile pages highlight achievements, favorite gear and reflect pro players’ affinity for the sport and the ONIX brand.

Onix Pickelball
Onix Pickelball

Accelerating The Speed of The Game

Carefully planned customizable content sections are built for speed and can be updated in minutes not hours. The ONIX marketing team can now adapt their promotions, merchandising, and content strategies with speed, no coding needed. This allows the new site to stay fresh with the most current products, culture, team news, and educational content – a true hub for the sport.

Multi-Brand Strategy Built on Shopify

ONIX is owned and managed by Escalade Sports. The CQL and Escalade teams architected a repeatable model on Shopify that supports an entire portfolio of Escalade Sports equipment brands. ONIX paved the way for the multi-brand strategy, and outperformed all other brands through Black Friday. Escalade’s strategy to replatform on Shopify was a crucial step to transition from a CIO mindset, to a CMO growth-focused approach.

The No. 1 brand in the sport required a website that looked and performed as well as our products. In only 3 months working with CQL, the team helped take ONIX to the next level and transformed our eCommerce presence into both an outstanding shopping and player resource destination.


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