CQL & AfterShip: Elevating Global eCommerce Brands from Pre to Post-Purchase

The Post-Purchase Customer Experience Platform

Deliver a seamless post-purchase experience with AfterShip, an all-in-one platform empowering global eCommerce brands to optimize every step of the customer journey, from shipment tracking to returns and beyond. Trusted by over 17,000 clients worldwide, AfterShip’s suite of solutions includes personalized recommendations, AI-predictive delivery estimates, exchange-first returns, warranty management, and more. 

By leveraging their innovative products, AfterShip clients have witnessed remarkable results: slashing “where is my order” inquiries by up to 75%, boosting repeat sales by as much as 30%, and achieving a remarkable 50% increase in customer retention rates. Notably, AfterShip has become the go-to post-purchase platform for industry giants like Brighton Collectibles, The Frye Company, RUDIS, and TOMS.

Seamlessly integrating with over 1,100 global carriers and various eCommerce platforms—including Shopify, Salesforce Cloud Commerce, BigCommerce, and more, AfterShip ensures a frictionless post-purchase journey and 24/7 support for your brand. 





“Partnering with CQL allows AfterShip to continue to service merchants across platforms such as Shopify, SFCC, BigCommerce and more. Our unique ability to work across all platforms enables CQL to be confident in recommending unique and impactful solutions to their customers.”


Senior Agency Partnerships Manager


Post-purchase retention is the new acquisition​

AfterShip is an enterprise-grade one stop solution, enabling brands to not only save software bundling costs, but also harness the data to seamlessly integrate across AfterShip’s three core products:

Streamline returns and exchanges with our automated system, cutting costs and recapturing revenue.

Reduce “where is my order” inquiries and enhance delivery performance with proactive and automated shipment tracking updates that forefront your brand.

Leverage AI-powered product recommendations that drive personalized shopping experiences, boosts average order value and conversion, and accelerates business growth.

Trusted by leading brands worldwide, AfterShip aims to deliver a seamless shopping experience, while boosting revenue and retention at every step. It’s not just a step in optimizing pre- and post-purchase touch points – it’s crucial.

AfterShip's Complete Post-Purchase Solution

“Aftership’s comprehensive solution enables CQL clients to deliver robust post-purchase experiences featuring branded tracking pages, shipment visibility, and delivery notifications. Clients that leverage AfterShip gain eCommerce efficiencies and deliver impressive ROI through increased post-purchase sales.”

mary krause

Partner Manager