CQL Announces 4 NYX Award Wins, Including Grand Award

CQL Wins 4 NYX Awards in 2024 Season

The International Awards Associate (IAA) announces that CQL has won 4 awards, including 1 Grand, 2 Gold, and 1 Silver Award in the 2024 NYX Awards for its first season. In its efforts to recognize creative and marketing excellence, the award acknowledges outstanding achievements in these industries, where visionaries, professionals, agencies, companies, and organizations from all corners of the globe unite to showcase their exceptional work and redefine the standards of creativity.

Making use of its advantage as a global award, NYX has received over thousand submissions in the competition from countries worldwide, like the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, China, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and many others, creating a true stage of innovation and ingenuity. CQL unveiled their most innovative marketing campaigns and creative projects, transforming the understanding of brand engagement and storytelling within the NYX Awards framework.

CQL NYX awards were for their work with RUDIS, Frye, World Wide Stereo, and Coldwater Creek:

Winner: RUDIS
Award: Grand
Description: Rising to the Level of Champion
Category: Website – Sports

Winner: World Wide Stereo
Award: Gold
Description: Expert Design & Installation That Make Dreams Reality
Category: Website – Best User Experience

Winner: Frye
Award: Gold
Description: Iconic American Boot Brand Gets Styled Up
Category: Website – Fashion

Winner: Coldwater Creek
Award: Silver
Description: Revolutionizing Retail Through Commerce & Storytelling
Category: Website – Retail

This season’s NYX Awards have displayed remarkable excellence in creativity and marketing, showcasing unique strategies, innovative designs, and exciting video content that undoubtedly shape the future direction of our industries,” stated Thomas Brandt, the spokesperson of IAA. “What we have achieved today through the competition would not have been possible without the panel of honorable jurors, who dedicated their efforts to honoring outstanding works and talents.”

Grand Jury Panel The NYX Awards is proud to work with a prestigious group of judges, each a professional in their specific area of the creative and marketing world. Their commitment to excellence means every piece of work is thoroughly reviewed based on its own strengths. This panel features distinguished individuals like Sofia Tavares (United States), Sam De Win (Belgium), Nikolina Popovic (Serbia), Richard A. Neve (Netherlands), Augusto Correia (Brazil), and several other esteemed experts.

“With our unwavering focus on marketing, design, and creative brilliance, NYX is at the forefront of transforming the landscape of media and creative industries,” highlighted Thomas. “We are dedicated to pushing boundaries and establishing new standards. It is this steadfast commitment that positions NYX to embrace the exciting changes on the horizon within our industry.”

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