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World Wide Stereo

Shopify Case Study: World Wide Stereo

Integrating Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions

As one of the nation’s leaders in Audio and Video consumer electronics and home entertainment, World Wide Stereo has built a 40-year reputation on integrity, top-quality, personalized service, smart home integration, and competitive pricing. Focused on its long-term goals of scaling revenue, reducing total cost of ownership, and supporting a best-in-class commerce experience, World Wide Stereo decided to migrate their ecommerce platform from Workarea to Shopify.

CQL and World Wide Stereo crafted a personal, boutique shopping experience that highlights the prestige of working with the brand in its elevated Philadelphia-area showroom and procuring custom installation services. Designed to support both novice and experienced customers alike, the new website showcases a modernized brand refresh, an updated user experience that encourages engagement, powerful third party technologies, and an easy navigation between their eCommerce and Design & Integration websites.

The migration to Shopify simplified business and technical complexity, enabling World Wide Stereo’s team to focus on marketing and merchandising instead of development. With a new mobile-first experience and a content management solution to build on World Wide Stereo’s expertise, customer support, and national reputation, World Wide Stereo has redefined smart technology solutions.

World Wide Stereo


Workarea to Shopify


31% Order Increase
56% Conversion Rate Increase

Amping Up For Growth


Proudly offering the world’s finest home entertainment products and custom design & installation services for over 40 years, World Wide Stereo is an award-winning residential technology integration firm with a premium retail showroom in the Philadelphia area and an ecommerce experience shipping nationwide. 


Wanting to stay on top of new trends and technologies, World Wide Stereo knew it needed a new ecommerce platform and agency partner. With an over customized site, the brand struggled with adding new features and managing site content. The new website needed to reflect in-store experience, and offer flexibility and speed for growth.


The new ecosystem, built on Shopify, brings World Wide Stereo’s personal, boutique shopping experience of the showroom to their online experience. With a modernized brand refresh, intuitive navigation, and a backend that accelerates workflow, World Wide Stereo saw conversion rates increase 56% in 3 months post-launch. 

World Wide Stereo on Shopify Plus

The Results

World Wide Stereo’s performance improvements from their Shopify migration were realized within 90 days post-launch:


order increase


conversion rate increase

Award Winning Design & User Experience

World Wide Stereo is the proud recipient of the Vega, MUSE, NYX and Hermes Awards. These awards celebrate achievement in innovation and imagination, recognizing the outstanding efforts in design, branding, and content creation.

Professionally Installed. Expertly Designed.

World Wide Stereo engaged with CQL in a light brand refresh to bring new ideas and styles into its brand design. Using style explorations and mood boards, CQL introduced new typography, texturing, expanded color palettes and optimized UI layouts that felt more unified and contemporary, while portraying World Wide Stereo’s brand story.

Supporting both novice and experienced customers throughout their product exploration, the new site design offers a heightened visual experience, as well as brand flexibility for shoppers to go from World Wide Stereo’s ecommerce site to the premium experience found in Design & Installation.

World Wide Stereo Brand Refresh
World Wide Stereo Design & Installation

Award-winning System Design & Support

World Wide Stereo’s “Design & Installation” microsite was created with a dedicated navigation to showcase the breadth and capabilities of World Wide Stereo’s premium integration services. With a highly visual, immersive content experience that highlights images and videos of integration expertise, the new design captures the essence and prestige of working with World Wide Stereo’s end-to-end services. Featuring outdoor AV setups, extravagant homes and wineries, World Wide Stereo’s Design & Installation microsite offers a luxury destination to discover the brand’s premium services and schedule a consultation with an expert integration specialist (most of which have been World Wide Stereo employees since their inception 40 years ago).

World Wide Stereo Listicles

Enhancing Experiences with Dynamic Content

World Wide Stereo’s comprehensive Guides & Reviews section showcases the brand’s award-winning customer service, expertise, and breadth of content to help shoppers make the best purchase decisions. Throughout buying guides, how-to guides, and best-of guides, the World Wide Stereo team uses Shopify tags to classify content into navigation menus and features content-related products called “listicles.”

The custom “Listicle” feature on World Wide Stereo provides dynamic product information within articles by pulling in real-time pricing and imagery, in addition to product details including name, description, images, and links. All listicles have a separate visual treatment, highlighting lists of top picks, featured products, and article content.

The Perfect Balance with Shopify in the Mix

With a small team, World Wide Stereo needed an ecommerce platform tailored to marketers and merchandisers, with little need for development. Following a thorough evaluation of competing commerce platforms, World Wide Stereo selected Shopify for its ability to enhance time-to-market for new features, provide flexibility in content management, and ultimately reduce the total cost of ownership.

Shopify not only aligned with World Wide Stereo’s objective of delivering a mobile-first experience, but also integrating new features through Shopify’s extensive portfolio of third-party partnerships, customizing the user experience, and increasing conversions by leveraging Shopify’s high-converting checkout process.

World Wide Stereo Challenge

“World Wide Stereo came to CQL looking to deliver a premium shopping experience on Shopify that would allow us to increase conversion and scale revenue without a complex tech stack. We wanted an elevated, highly visual presentation that would echo the quality and performance of our products and our evolving smart-home technology services portfolio while maintaining a simple and intuitive user experience. With the flexibility of Shopify, we were able to streamline checkout, accelerate our workflow, introduce new technologies, and optimize for mobile. The resulting experience is a synergy of style and functionality.”


Chief Marketing Officer