CQL and Elevar: Elevating Trust in Your Data and Analytics

Building a Shopify website that converts shoppers to buyers is a complex process that demands high levels of skill and knowledge from everyone on the team from design to development to marketing. At the end of the day, bold designs and brave innovation needs to be met with data that can be used to create growth. It is for reasons of capturing and using the best data that CQL and Elevar partner. 

Elevar employs server-side tracking to push conversion data and key events across the user journey to your marketing channels such as Google Analytics 4, Meta, Google Ads, TikTok, Klaviyo, and a dozen more – with near 100% accuracy. Good data to these channels means that they work much better and thus result in higher ROAS and lower CAC. Elevar’s miracles don’t stop at server-side tracking. 

In addition to client-side and server-side tracking, Elevar offers a game-changing feature called “Session Enrichment” that enables brands to take advantage of a user ID and combine it with offsite storage of the user’s email and phone with other valuable user data. User data is anonymized and securely stored for one year, during which time Elevar ensures that every action (add to cart, view item, etc) is sent back to the marketing channel and accurately reported. With Session Enrichment activated, brands generally realize a 20-40% bump in event data captured. That means more emails sent and more revenue generated.


About Elevar


“We are honored to partner with CQL. They masterfully combine the art and science of eCommerce to help their clients succeed. As an integral part of their solution for Shopify/Shopify Plus sites, we take our responsibility seriously to serve CQL clients with the maximum amount of accurate 1st party tracking data and uphold the standard of excellence that CQL delivers for each client.”


Head of Partnerships


Elevar Simplifies Tracking Complexity in One Central System

Elevar has become a ubiquitous solution for Shopify and Shopify Plus stores in virtually every industry to do what they do best – build awareness and drive revenue. Tag your site. Trust your data. Scale faster.

How Elevar Helps Merchants:

Capture more 1st party data with support for over 15 popular server-side destinations

Build an identity graph of returning users over multiple sessions (without cookie expiration) when an email or phone number is captured

Visibility into the success of event data sent to each destination and the percentage of accurate conversions sent to each destination compared to Shopify (the source of truth)

With accurate and comprehensive tracking and data collection, brands can make smart decisions about their paid marketing campaigns and improve conversion rates

Elevar's server-side tracking for Shopify
Shopify Checkout Extensibility

Shopify Checkout Extensibility & Web Pixel

In mid-2023, Shopify released Checkout Extensibility for Shopify Plus with the Shopify Web Pixel. Until now, Shopify has allowed developers access to e-commerce event data (purchase, add-to-cart etc.) with custom code in the browser. The Shopify Web Pixel restricts access to some of these e-commerce events, and will only allow access via use of a new API. 

Shopify Plus merchants looking to customize their checkouts will be able to do so with Checkout Extensibility tools instead of checkout.liquid. Merchants have historically placed their pixel code directly in checkout.liquid, but moving forward they will need to do so using Web Pixels or use alternatives like Elevar for tracking.

Elevar is fully compatible with Checkout Extensibility and ensures that conversion tracking remains accurate, reliable, and uninterrupted.


“It’s astounding that something in such a simple package can have such a tremendous impact on the accuracy of data being collected. Server-side tracking is the future of how tools like Google Analytics should be acquiring their data, and Elevar is just leagues ahead of common practice. Plain and simple, this is just the way it’s supposed to be done.”

john tucker

Analytics Manager