Expanding with Shopify for Efficiency and Simplicity


Delivering Seamless Shopping Experiences on Shopify

BareTraps®, a comfort brand under Footwear Unlimited Inc., specializes in crafting practical and versatile footwear that redefines the modern fashion shoe buying experience with a seamless combination of comfort and style. While continuing their 30-year commitment to comfort innovation, BareTraps recognized the opportunity for a  D2C growth strategy that required enhancement of their e-commerce capabilities, technologies, and customer experiences.

BareTraps launched a strategic migration to Shopify, adopting CQL’s Shopify Blueprint Propel and leveraging the framework of their sister brand The Frye Company. On Shopify, BareTraps would streamline and simplify business processes across Footwear Unlimited brands, while enhancing site features and usability, improving brand coherence, and heightening customer satisfaction. 

The new BareTraps.com was built in under 2 months, including updated features like a best-practice user interface, improved backend systems, and third party applications similar to The Frye Company. With a branded site refresh, new efficiencies in content and merchandising management on site, an optimized product page, and a technical ecosystem fully integrated with Footwear Unlimited, BareTraps paved a path to new growth and digital success.


BigCommerce to Shopify

BareTraps New Website on Shopify

Multi-Brand Multi-Store Architecture on Shopify

BareTraps is owned and managed by Footwear Unlimited Inc. Footwear Unlimited architected a multi-site, multi-brand experience on Shopify leveraging CQL’s Shopify Blueprint Propel to support their portfolio of brands including The Frye Company and BareTraps. The unification of multiple brands on the Shopify’s Ecommerce Platform enables brands to expand quickly and optimize both frontend and backend processes, while building a strong foundation for future business growth.

BareTraps Quote

“Using CQL as our partner in migrating our ecomm business from BigCommerce to Shopify was a great experience.  Their team was excellent at communicating and coordinating deadlines with 3rd party and internal teams.  We were able to immediately see the benefits in switching to the Shopify platform both visually and in our back end control. Using their pre-developed template made setting up the site painless. On launch, our site even saw a day over day revenue increase thanks to the smooth transition.”

adam clarke

eCommerce Manager