Multi-brand Solutions for Enterprise Brands on Shopify Plus

Escalade Sports Webinar

On June 16th, Emily Patton, Ecommerce Manager at Escalade Sports, joined CQL and Shopify Plus to discuss how their team launched 11 brands on 1 platform, increasing revenue by 139%.

The webinar is now available on demand, where you can learn:

  • Unification: How 11 Brands Were United on Shopify Plus’ Single Commerce Framework
  • Growth: How Onix Achieved 139% YOY Revenue and 3X Increase in Checkouts
  • Scalability: 3 Sites Launched in Under 4 months; 11 Sites in 1 Year
  • Diversity: Shopify Supports Both Lead Gen (B2B) & eCommerce (B2C) Escalade sites
  • Agency Support: Why an Ongoing Support Agreement with a Shopify Agency is Critical to Success
  • Shopify Partners: Top Shopify Partners

“The No. 1 brand in the sport required a website that looked and performed as well as our products. In only 3 months working with CQL, the team helped take ONIX to the next level and transformed our eCommerce presence into both an outstanding shopping and player resource destination.”

Emily Patton, Ecommerce Manager, Escalade Sports

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