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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Case Study: Wolverine Worldwide​​

A 20-Year Journey to Becoming an Ecommerce Powerhouse

With premiere brands like Merrell®, Hytest®, Sperry®, Keds®, Chaco®, and more, Wolverine Worldwide has made a substantial footprint on the global market for footwear and apparel. From its earliest days in 1883 through its explosive expansion into nearly 200 countries and territories, Wolverine has been continuously innovating and broadening its legacy to achieve global success.

A large part of Wolverine’s ecommerce history was supported and developed through a strong, active partnership with CQL. From the beginning of the internet era to Wolverine absorbing a multi-million dollar brand, all the way to developing a unified commerce solution to enable globalization, CQL and Wolverine have been innovating together for over 20 years.

Wolverine Worldwide


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A Digital Partnership Grounded in Deep History

The partnership between Wolverine and CQL was first forged when we created an online publishing experience for Wolverine’s annual reports in 2001. Since those early days, Wolverine’s consistent growth and innovation enabled the conglomerate to become the multi-billion-dollar retail powerhouse it is today.

With Wolverine expanding its brand base over the years, the relationship with CQL deepened. Examples of our long-standing partnership span across multiple ecommerce platforms and systems, including supporting more than a dozen brands on Salesforce Commerce Cloud and implementing custom technologies, such as a Product Information Management (PIM) system, consumer insights data warehouse, product ratings and reviews platform, product recommendation engine, product configurator, custom content management system (CMS) and more.

The Largest Salesforce Commerce Cloud Replatform in History

Wolverine needed an ecommerce platform that could accommodate its global expansion and absorption of a variety of new brands. Given a strong history of successful implementations and integrations, and CQL’s team of certified and experienced Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers, the multi-billion dollar retail company chose CQL in 2014 to migrate several of their disparate platforms onto Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware). It was the largest Commerce Cloud implementation in history. Commerce Cloud enabled Wolverine to manage these brands with a single, one-stop solution.
70 Sites Use The Code Base
13 Countries Represented
18 Months To Build & Launch

A History of Innovation and Collaboration.

Here’s a look at how the years of innovation, strategy, and systems implementations have helped grow and strengthen the long-standing relationship between Wolverine and CQL.

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A CMS Built for Multi-brand Strategies

Creating technology that best connects with customers has always been at the forefront of Wolverine and CQL’s successful integrations, technology solutions, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementations. In doing so, a relationship built on strategy and innovation paved the way for new ideas to launch and grow.

Years of collaborating with CQL have propelled digital commerce at Wolverine to new heights. To this day, collaboration on new, innovative ideas is afoot. One recent example is the development of a new content management system (CMS). This solution enables Wolverine to create and modify on-page content across its multi-brand platform.

Developments like the CMS, along with many other unique integrations, have been built on more than two decades of trust, innovation, strategy, and results. It’s a relationship that continues to prosper to this day with quarterly and annual meetings geared towards the future of Wolverine and its evolving technology.

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Work Better Together

Content, marketing and development teams can easily collaborate within a single web workspace.

Strategically Plan Content

Efficiently schedule and publish new content targeted at specific audiences and timeframes.

Produce Content at Scale

Create content with consistency across multiple sites and brands. Produce content at scale with reusable code templates.

Consistently Publish with a Workflow

Set up review teams to approve content on a preview site before content is pushed to production.

Extend Functionality Without Ties

Built as a separate app, the CMS is an extension of SFCC, easily detachable for a non-disruptive system enhancement.