Setting the Standard in Audio EXCELLENCE

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Case Study: Denon

Crafted for Exceptional Experiences

Denon, the world’s most innovative manufacturer of cutting-edge A/V equipment, has delivered the most trusted sound quality for over 110 years. The Denon brand is owned by Masimo, who partnered with CQL on a complete digital transformation across its portfolio of legendary audio brands, streamlining business processes and enabling future growth and internationalization.

Using Salesforce Commerce Cloud as the ecommerce platform, CQL established a common framework that could be leveraged across all of Masimo’s brands while allowing brands the flexibility to keep their own identity and experiences. Denon launched as the first brand on the unified ecosystem, with a bespoke modernized design, intuitive industry-best D2C experiences, and 4 locales (US, CA, EU, and UK). 

Denon’s new website drives user engagement and interaction, building a stronger connection between the Denon brand and the A/V experiences that people love. With improved navigation & product understanding, a focus on next-gen products, streamlined PDP & conversion funnels, and enhanced storytelling, Denon continues its legacy of innovation and sets a new standard of excellence for Masimo.




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Revolutionizing the Experience of Sound


Denon, a global leader in premium audio, has remained at the forefront of audio progress for over 110 years. From Japan’s first phonograph in 1910 to its debut of the AVR-A1H flagship receiver, Denon is committed to pushing audio boundaries into the future. The Denon brand is driven by its true passion for audio, a respect for artistry, and the belief that technology is the way to a better future.


Denon’s parent company, Masimo, has a strong international presence and numerous technologies to support their many premier audio brands. To streamline processes, support future growth, and expand online sales channels, Masimo needed a robust, multi-brand architecture with a common framework that could be leveraged across their current (and future) brands.


With flagship brand Denon serving as the first website and common blueprint, Masimo transformed its digital ecosystem with a complete redesign & replatform to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The Denon website inspires shoppers with marketing-rich content, reinforces the rich brand heritage & craftsmanship, and delivers compelling, best-practice experiences that convert.

Experience Denon Online

The Denon brand & website delivers a tactile, premium, and multi-sensory experience with simple, beautiful elements. With a highly-visual user journey for novice and savvy shoppers alike, the new site emphasizes Denon’s signature product categories and next-gen products, conveys the brand heritage & craftsmanship, provides guidance & expertise, and expresses Denon’s excellence in sound quality.

Inspiration Through Storytelling

Denon’s modern new design balances a combination of imagery, visual UI cues, and product content that inspires and educates. With a simple and beautiful design, Denon makes everyday AV moments engaging and interactive experiences for all levels of users. Denon’s unforgettably clear detail helps shoppers understand how products sound without actually hearing them.

Award Winning Design & User Experience

Denon is the proud recipient of the Web Award and two W3 Awards. These awards celebrate achievement in innovation and imagination, recognizing the outstanding efforts in design, branding, and content creation.