Reigniting Direct Commerce That Has Sales HEATING UP
Woodland Direct


Firing Up an Unmatched Digital Experience

Woodland Direct is one of the nation’s largest e-commerce companies in the U.S. specifically focused on the fireplace, chimney, wood stove, and outdoor living markets. Built on 35 years of knowledge and experience, Woodland Direct helps customers create “amazing experiences around fire.”

In 2019, with Woodland Direct’s current ecosystem restricting their ability to grow and adapt to emerging commerce trends, Woodland Direct partnered with CQL to evaluate, build, and support a new foundational technology system. Through several in-depth strategy engagements, including a platform evaluation and reviews of their customer relationship management (CRM) evaluation, backend data management, and product information management (PIM) solutions, Woodland Direct selected commerce platform Salesforce Commerce Cloud and CQL as a the strategic partner to plan, design, architect, and launch a modern eCommerce experience on SFCC’s SFRA architecture. 

The new site sparked unprecedented growth for Woodland Direct, driving the largest online sales volume of all time. With new branding and design elements throughout the site, a new mobile user experience, an improved & simplified product configuration process for users and customer service, a new staging environment, and a new & improved learning center, Woodland Direct emerged as the preferred destination of fire-related products and a premier resource for education & support. 

Following Salesforce Commerce Cloud training and support for the Woodland Direct team to take over management and development of their site, CQL continues to consult with Woodland Direct’s development team regarding best practices in SFCC.

Woodland Direct


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Achieving New Growth with SFCC

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the world’s leading B2C and B2B commerce solution. Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant, cloud-based commerce platform that empowers brands to create intelligent, unified buying experiences across all channels — mobile, social, web, and store. 

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Woodland Direct reignited their sales with a mobile-first site, improved speed & stability, robust content management, and a new foundation for future growth.

Woodland Direct - The Experts in Fire

“With our 24-hour support team taking on customer questions and tracking updates, we needed a platform that could withstand the breadth of support and growing product base. CQL introduced the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and SFRA, as well as post-launch support, to provide us with the tools we need to offer our customers a world-class digital commerce experience. We knew this was the right choice for us. We would meet not only the needs of our online sales but also improve the mobile online shopping experience.”


Director of Technology