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A Seamless Connection to Salesforce

Founded in 2011 and serving over 6,000 brands globally, Yotpo’s industry-leading eCommerce marketing platform integrates data-driven solutions for reviews, visual UGC, loyalty programs and referrals. Yotpo’s platform plays a significant role in the consumer purchase process, accelerating direct-to-consumer growth, enabling advocacy, and maximizing customer lifetime value.

Yotpo came to CQL looking for a solution to become more readily available to brands looking for its ratings & reviews software. CQL developed a custom LINK* cartridge for the Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) platform, providing a seamless integration for retailers to connect Yotpo to their SFCC storefronts. 

With a goal to deliver a LINK cartridge that met the highest industry standards, CQL used a chunk-oriented approach for data feed generation, developing code modifications, eliminating bugs, and refactoring elements of the old cartridge and controller.

The partnership between CQL and Yotpo continues today, with ongoing maintenance and upgrades of the Yotpo LINK Cartridges available on Salesforce App Exchange.

*A LINK cartridge is a collection of the code, configurations, and documentation necessary to implement a given third-party integration, and is certified by Salesforce.



Salesforce Commerce Cloud Yotpo Cartridge

“When we chose CQL, we knew they were experienced with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and had certified developers for the job, but we were truly blown away by the functionality and quality of this cartridge.”


Director of Product Management