Salesforce Commerce Cloud Case Study: Hytest​

Introducing Ecommerce Through a Reimagined Shopping Experience on Salesforce Commerce Cloud​

HYTEST has been innovating safety footwear for 85 years, proving their reputation in the industry is no accident. They are committed to developing and incorporating the latest technology in footwear to protect workers from foot injuries without sacrificing comfort.

As a result of our long-standing relationship with Wolverine World Wide, we had the opportunity to work with the HYTEST brand to refresh their look and feel and overhaul their ecommerce website by migrating them to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Their ultimate goal was to create an easier online shopping experience. The previous website was created more than a decade ago and was a known pain point for customers.



The Ask

HYTEST approached CQL with an opportunity to design an online experience that would better resonate with current and potential customers, allowing them to ultimately expand their business-to-consumer (B2C) market share.

THE Answer

Utilizing feedback from HYTEST customers, we analyzed consumer insights to identify trends and common pain points with the current site. We brought together a strategic blend of customer-focused design and powerful ecommerce technology to deliver a website that was visually engaging and functionally sound.


Cross-department collaboration between our design and development teams allowed us to create an easier online shopping experience and ultimately increase conversions.

Visually Expressing the Brand​

We created a custom icon set for the brand to use on their website, as well as in print materials, to visualize different safety features. This process was important because it created a system that was accessible and consistent across various mediums. Elements from the vision boards we developed were then applied as we began to build out the ecommerce site.

Selecting a Suitable Ecommerce Platform

Once a decision was made to take on order fulfillment, Salesforce Commerce Cloud emerged as the platform of choice. Many of the other Wolverine World Wide brands operate on Commerce Cloud, making it a natural fit for the multi-site architecture already in place.

HYTEST boots
HYTEST all day long slogan
HYTEST site logo showcase

Streamlining the Order Fulfillment Process​

HYTEST needed to reduce friction and create a more streamlined order fulfillment process. In the previous environment, orders were sent to distributors based on the customer’s location, instead of being handled at the corporate level. Incorporating the functionality to bring order fulfillment in-house allowed them to have more visibility into inventory, alleviating one of the major customer pain points of the previous site.

Features That Help Convert​

The Hytest Toe Guide was designed to give customers an easy way to find the shoe type that works best for their unique needs.

HYTEST Xergy shoes