Setting the Stage for 13 Brands to Grow on the Workarea Commerce Cloud.

BuySeasons is an online leader in the costume and party goods industries. The Wisconsin-based retailer manages 13 separate brands and operates three of the world’s leading online costume and party supply brands: Costume Supercenter, Wholesale Party Supplies, and Birthday in a Box.

With a history of managing complex, multi-site brands, BuySeasons partnered with CQL and upgraded their ecommerce platform to the newest version of the Workarea Commerce Cloud. Our partnership has continued to evolve beyond the Workarea replatform. Today, CQL provides Workarea development services and pairs SEO optimization with a long-term ecommerce strategy focused on growing BuySeasons’ brands and helping to ensure they stand out in a competitive industry.


BuySeasons came to CQL in need of a long-term partner they could trust to deliver quality code and stable releases on the Workarea platform. Their goal was to replatform to the Workarea Commerce Cloud solution to focus on growing their 13 brands.


CQL and BuySeasons worked together to plan the Workarea platform upgrade. Our teams established a common feature set and core codebase to gain efficiencies and quality code standards across their sites.


Of the 13 sites, two have successfully launched on the Workarea Commerce Cloud: Costume Supercenter and Wholesale Party Supplies. The remaining sites are almost ready and are scheduled to launch around seasonal peaks and marketing efforts.

A New Modern Ecommerce Platform

Workarea provides an open-source ecommerce platform that combines commerce with content management, product search functions, and reliable internal reporting into one unified enterprise solution. BuySeasons upgraded to Workarea Commerce Cloud to leverage new core site features, an integrated analytics suite, and a plugin library for third-party integrations.

Additionally, BuySeasons’ costume brands are highly seasonal businesses with large sales swings. By choosing the Workarea Commerce Cloud, they can confidently absorb strong fluctuations in sales without any downtime, especially during an 8-week Halloween peak season that generates a large portion of the company’s costume sales.

The Workarea Commerce Cloud tech stack (Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, and Kubernetes infrastructure) has proven itself and has earned the trust of the BuySeasons team. The modern platform adds core features that improve analytic components, fix existing bugs, and enables new code to be added to the site for efficiency gains and reduced uptime.

“Now that we’re on Workarea’s new platform, we’re ready to focus on enhancing our digital experience and taking our business to the next level. I know CQL cares about our business as much as we do, and trust their team will give us an edge in the industry.”

Erik Mandell
Chief Executive Officer

A Proven Ecommerce Development Process

BuySeasons desired a reliable partner with a track record of managing multi-site environments and delivering consistent code quality. With 13 different brands, a lot of complexity must be managed.

With over 25 years of platform builds, ecommerce implementations, and custom development experience, CQL has honed its development practice and quality assurance processes. These processes provide layers of protection, including code review, manual and automated quality assurance testing, feature demos, and more. This ensures that the BuySeasons team is confident in the code quality and site functionality being developed for their brands.

A Strategic Ecommerce Partner for Years to Come

BuySeasons values long-term strategic partners, which is why they chose CQL as their digital commerce agency. CQL is focused on providing industry-leading ecommerce expertise capable of growing and improving our clients’ ecommerce businesses over the long term.

As part of the partnership with BuySeasons, CQL provides a Client Success Manager (CSM) to guide their business and provide ecommerce strategies and thought leadership. CSMs work with BuySeasons to define KPIs and measurable outcomes to meet, and exceed, BuySeasons’ revenue targets and business goals.

Interested in a Workarea Solution?

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