Ageless RX

UX & Creative Design Case Study: Ageless RX​

Effective Longevity Treatment Recommendations Through Personalized UX & Design

Dreading getting older? Instead of fighting the inevitability of aging, Ageless RX provides a first-of-its-kind longevity platform backed by doctors that offers the highest level of accessibility and treatments to make you look and feel better as you age.

Specializing in usability & experience design, creative direction, feature innovation and design, CQL partnered with the Ageless RX product development team to build Ageless RX’s online health assessment and personalized user dashboard to guide users on their journey to health & wellness.

CQL’s UX and Design teams worked in collaboration with Ageless RX on how best to graphically show results and deliver prevention plans in a friendly, yet informative manner. The goal of the site was not to lead with products, but to lead with education, give customers a complete view of their health and wellness, and inform them of recommended products based on their preventative plan and health goals.

With robust digital design and intuitive user interfaces, Ageless RX offers a solution that makes you feel good and guides you on a path for longevity and wellness.

Ageless RX

A Path to Wellness

The Ageless RX user journey starts with “Longevity Pathways,” a quiz or personalized wellness assessment, that collects data to power a highly-customized user dashboard. The dashboard provides users with a holistic view of their health:

  • Helping them to understand health risk factors based on their quiz answers
  • Providing prevention plans to begin and maintain their wellness journey
  • Encouraging follow-ups on health assessments
  • Recommending anti-aging wellness products based on their personal prevention plan