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Digital Convergence: An Integrated Approach to Digital Marketing

Co-dependent & Interrelated

Everything online is co-dependent and interrelated, which means disjointed tactics without a cohesive strategy will fail. Many businesses initially approach us about SEO, thinking it’s something they can check off their list, a singular goal. The reality is that SEO is just one important piece of the overall digital marketing puzzle. A digital marketing strategy is the convergence of your paid, owned and earned media into an executable plan. This approach represents the convergence of all your brand’s online touchpoints, allowing you to control the entire consumer experience.

Informed by Strategy, Driven by Data

Our approach to digital marketing starts with strategy. We begin by developing a digital roadmap that takes into consideration your paid, owned, and earned media assets, bringing those online touchpoints together to provide you with a comprehensive Digital Convergence strategy.

Data is at the core of everything we do. That’s why we start every engagement by diving into the Google Analytics connected to your website to understand your audience, how they are getting to your site, what they are doing once they get there and how they are converting.

We analyze your audience and their behaviors to build buyers personas that provide a visual representation of who your customers are. Personas help your internal team understand how the brand should communicate to this person, the tone of voice they should use, what interests these individuals have, what content will resonate with them and what channels they should tap into to reach them.

We then map out content touchpoints for each persona. This information helps you better understand what content assets are needed at all stages of the buyer journey – Awareness, Consideration, Decision and Delight – allowing you to deliver a personalized message and inspire action. From there, we develop an execution plan that outlines how these tactics are implemented in parallel to achieve Digital Convergence.

Finally, we circle back to the data and develop a measurement plan that benchmarks where you are today, what goals you want to achieve over the course of the year and what resources you need to get there. These resources include how many assets you need to develop and how much budget you need to allocate for ad spend to achieve success. Our data-driven approach allows you to clearly demonstrate a return on your digital marketing investment.

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