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Platform Evaluations

Your business needs long-term growth, scalability, flexibility, and an ROI that meets your company’s vision and goals. CQL’s three pillar approach to platform evaluations (Vision, Technology, & ROI) defines your business objectives and requirements for success and guides you in understanding the impact of your eCommerce platform migration.

Meet Your Platform Match

There is no perfect ecommerce platform, but there is a best fit for your business. Compare & contrast platforms with our platform comparison scorecards, learn the impact of each platform on your business operations and the ROI, and gain 100% confidence in your decision.

Be Confident In Your Platform Selection

We offer the perfect mix of ecommerce platforms, technologies, and real-world experience needed to implement an unparalleled platform for your business.

Validate Platforms

“Is Shopify the right platform for me?”


“Can you help with my RFP?”

Recommend Partners

“What 3rd parties do I need?”

Project ROI

“Is the investment worth it?”

The Vision

Define your business objectives and requirements for success

Through in-depth workshops, we uncover the nuances of your business to best evaluate the platform match for your brand. Vision workshops cover:
  • Team Structure
  • eCommerce Vision & Goals
  • Project Roadmaps
  • Full Feature Inventory
  • Persona & Analytics Analysis
  • Site Architecture Review

The Technology

Understand the business impact of an eCommerce platform migration

From discounts to ERP systems, we review the pros and cons of each platform evaluated. Learn the impact of your replatform on all aspects of your business, including:

  • Ecosystem Map (current & future)
  • Enterprise Technologies & Services
  • Business Operations/Marketing/Merchandising
  • 3-5 Year Strategic Roadmap
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Third Party Partnerships


Determine your total cost of ownership (TCO) for your new platform

With a 3-year forecasted ROI, we compare a recommended platform migration to your current solution – including all 3rd party partner fees. Our tailored recommendation features:

  • Executive-level Platform Recommendation & ROI
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Presentation
  • Third Party Integrations & Pricing
  • Platform Comparison Scorecard
  • Implementation Timelines

Evaluations Trusted By Top Tier Brands

We’ve helped hundreds of brands go to market on their best platform solution fit. Let us help your business find your match. Are you ready?

Let us help you with your Platform Evaluation & find the right match

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