A Premium Experience for a Premier Brand​

Tiara Yachts has spent over 60 years manufacturing handcrafted, American-made luxury yachts that are visually stunning, incredibly comfortable, technologically advanced and easier to pilot. The leader in mid-size luxury yachts, Tiara Yachts has partnered with CQL for nearly a decade in digital strategy, user experience, design, SEO, and custom development on Magento.

Following a CQL site audit that highlighted several areas of usability improvements – including site readability, product hierarchy, and product groupings, Tiara Yachts embarked on a full redesign of their entire website.

The new site targets a sophisticated, older audience, featuring menus with visuals and color coded product groupings, as well as restructured boat model series and shortened copy to help scanning. Guests can easily explore the entire Tiara Yachts’ lineup, connect with a factory-authorized dealer, and explore models bow to stern with a virtual tour feature.

With a long-term roadmap and ongoing support agreement for UX, design, strategy, and development, Tiara Yachts and CQL continue to craft an engaging and thoughtful experience through improved design and performance.


Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner

Waiting at the Helm​

Tiara Yachts has a long-term partnership with CQL through an ongoing support agreement. Support agreements provide a flexible and predictable model for monthly support in strategy, UX, design, development and technical support.

With a dedicated team of cross-disciplined individuals at CQL on deck, Tiara Yachts remains committed to delivering an unparalleled yachting experience – both online and in the water.

A Model for Inspired Luxury​

Rich in visuals and content, the Tiara Yachts’ website features a new, easy to use boat model lineup for the main navigation. The color coding provides visual cues for guests to select between inboard and outboard models, and the imagery of each boat model within a series provides guests a birds-eye view of model size and design.

Boat model pages are uniquely designed to streamline content, providing a stunning visual story centered around the enjoyment of friends, family, and the water. The yacht template pages showcase a sticky menu specific to each yacht model, downloadable brochures, virtual tours, photo galleries, and design, performance, and specifications for each yacht. 

The design is in the details as Tiara Yachts’ new site offers flexible luxury, unmatched experience, and endless enjoyment as guests begin the voyage to purchase the yacht of their dreams.



Bringing Your Colors To Life

Custom design and development require expert craftsmanship and attention to detail – attributes on which Tiara Yachts and CQL were both founded. Following a failed project from another agency, Tiara Yachts came to trusted partner CQL for a highly custom project that would allow site visitors to interact with boat models and visualize paint colors.

The fun, inspiring new feature of the website, titled “Paint Your Tiara,” started with stunning visuals in a mobile-first approach. CQL’s design and development teams crafted a custom React application image generator that enables customers to select a boat model, select their desired color for the yacht hull and bootline utilizing 50 of Tiara Yachts’ most popular colors, and render an image of their yacht. With their personalized dream yacht on screen, customers can save the image or print the image as a PDF to bring into a dealer.

With their new product visualization software, Tiara Yachts continues to scale their business with innovative and interactive shopping experiences, helping customers feel confident in their custom selections and take the next step in buying the yacht of their dreams.

Stunning Color Visualizations ​

With Tiara Yachts’ “Paint Your Tiara” custom visualizer, customers can personalize any yacht model of their choice by making color changes to the hull and bootline. This simple 2-step color selection tool features over 50 colors for customers to explore. Final color selections can be saved and printed to bring to a nearby dealer.