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CQL Custom PIM Case Study​

Using 20 Years of Custom PIM-Building Experience to Help Our Clients Grow and Innovate​

Custom software development has been a core component of CQL since the very beginning. Talented engineers and skilled architects have built a solid foundation by combining deep technology roots with decades of commerce expertise. These areas converge when CQL creates custom Product Information Management (PIM) systems for our clients. A PIM is a critical component for companies that want to market complex product offerings to their customers. A PIM system allows your team to easily configure multiple product options, helps you merchandise these products more quickly, and enables you to capitalize faster on market trends and customer desires.

CQL’s core competency in PIM development has helped propel the growth of premier U.S. and global brands in a wide variety of industries. Custom PIM solutions have helped our clients not only improve operations but also meet budgetary needs and alleviate constant maintenance requirements.



We’ve Provided the Following Companies with Custom PIM Solutions

Wolverine Worldwide

Customizing a PIM Solution for Wolverine Worldwide’s Multiple Brands

The Ask

Wolverine Worldwide, a leading footwear and apparel manufacturer with well-known brands like Merrell®, Sperry®, Keds®, Chaco®, and more, has partnered with CQL for over two decades. The footwear giant came to CQL to build a custom PIM system that would enable Wolverine to manage the commerce content of its 13 unique brands.

THE Answer

CQL worked alongside the Wolverine team to develop a custom PIM solution that would not only integrate multiple backend systems, but also avoid duplicate entry of products, manage inventory at the material level, and integrate with its ecommerce platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


Wolverine’s custom PIM enabled them to manage multidimensional product variation data, core product merchandising detail data, multiple currencies, SEO attributes, brand-specific features, and more across their 13 brands. The PIM feeds over 1 million User Product Codes (UPC) to Salesforce Commerce Cloud every day.

Wolverine Rampart

Providing Quality Control for Rec Boat Brands

From small sporting boats to cabin cruisers, Rec Boat Holdings builds high-quality, fully customized boats for outdoor enthusiasts across the globe. With a number of popular brands, like WellcraftFour WinnsGlastron, and Scarab, Rec Boat needed a partner that could efficiently operationalize yearly boat model changes and drive website traffic to over 500 boat dealerships.

At the time, Rec Boat was painstakingly creating new brand sites every year to accommodate their new models. To streamline product and website updates, CQL created a custom PIM solution using AngularJS, which allowed Rec Boat’s team to update their inventory, product details, and pricing in real-time. A Gravatar was also developed to visually represent complex sets of data and rules within custom configurations amongst boat models. 

These configuration settings also allow ready-to-buy customers to easily select available options for each model and personalize the boat to their unique needs and desires. When users submit their selections, a .NET integration sends their contact and product information to local boat dealers. This reduces data duplication, increases product accuracy, and supplies sales teams with the advantage of product information to close the sale.

PIM Boats

One Custom Solution for Integrating ERP Systems and PIMS

For some brands, developing a data management tool that connects multiple systems for their ecommerce site is the main focus of choosing a custom PIM Solution. We’ve developed a custom PIM solution just for this. It’s designed to share information between ERP systems, and countless other systems, in real-time.