CQL and ShipperHQ: Partnering together to develop the smartest shipping strategy and execution for your business

Unlock a flexible and profitable shipping strategy with ShipperHQ, your #1 Global Shipping Optimization Platform

ShipperHQ gives you granular control over the shipping rates and options you show customers at checkout, helping you reduce abandoned carts and increase sales. Extremely powerful shipping rules allow you to control every detail of how, when, and where specific items or groups of items will ship and more. Charge the right price for shipping and provide accurate delivery dates regardless of what’s in the cart or where it’s going, reducing costs for both you and your customers.

Key Features:

  • Get Rates That Reflect How You Actually Ship: Automatically determine the best packing configuration for any combination of products in a cart. Combine with custom packing rules and calculate each cart cost-efficiently without manual intervention.
  • Show Delivery Dates You Can Deliver on Every Time: Boost customer confidence and convert more carts with achievable delivery dates for every method. Include date and time slot selectors for even more customer control.
  • Automate Rating From Multiple Warehouses: Easily manage rates from multiple distribution centers, warehouses, or dropship vendors. Plus, instantly pick the most cost-effective or convenient origin to fulfill orders from.
  • Deliver on Convenience with In-Store Pickup: Capture more sales and reduce shipping costs with in-store, curbside, or alternative pickup at checkout. Display all pickup locations or limit them based on a maximum distance radius from the pickup location.
  • Deliver the Small Parcel Experience for Heavy Freight: Instantly compare LTL freight carriers at checkout to streamline shipping processes of heavy, oversized goods, all while keeping shipping margins in check and offering the best customer experience.
  • Curate Your Checkout Experience For Any Scenario: Easily manipulate live or custom rates, run promotional pricing, restrict shipping options for specific goods or locations, and more—all based on the conditions you choose.

Why ShipperHQ?

  • Checkout Optimization. Our focus is on where conversion happens.
  • Reliability & Experience. 15+ years helping brands like yours drive profit.
  • Configurability. Tailored solutions for simple to complex shipping needs.
  • Scalability. Grow your shipping strategy without limits.
  • Partnerships. Direct access to the top carriers & logistics providers.
  • Expert Support. Unmatched, real-time assistance from shipping pros.



About ShipperHQ


“CQL is a top partner of ShipperHQ. Their work is exceptional, the team is brilliant and easy to collaborate with to bring out the most successful outcomes for mutual clients.” 


Head of Agency Partnerships


Put Customers at the Center of the Checkout Experience

With ShipperHQ’s Enhanced Checkout, you can improve your customer checkout experience without sacrificing your bottom line. 

  • Slash Cart Abandonment: Give your customers clarity on shipping costs and the flexibility to choose their delivery method, and watch those cart completion rates climb.
  • Boosts Conversions: A checkout that’s a breeze to navigate means more browsers turn into buyers.
  • Tailors Shipping Rates: Stop the one-size-fits-all approach to shipping. Offer rates that reflect the real costs and choices your customers face.
  • Customizes Shipping Options: From next-day delivery to BOPIS, let your customers pick what works best for them.
  • Simplifies the Checkout: Cut through the clutter. An intuitive checkout process means fewer drop-offs and more sales.

“ShipperHQ’s platform allows our clients to customize their shipping strategy to meet their business goals and enhance the customer experience. We’re thrilled to bring this valuable offering and the top notch shipping expertise of the ShipperHQ team to market.”

mary krause

Partner Manager