CQL and Deck Commerce: Delivering Seamless End-to-End Customer Experiences, Together ​

Deck Commerce is a leading order management system that’s purpose-built for direct-to-consumer brands

Both Deck Commerce and CQL have a shared passion for helping brands deliver exceptional customer experiences. With a joint platform focus on industry-leading commerce vendors such as Salesforce, Shopify, and BigCommerce, we offer seamless and robust solutions that empower brands to optimize their operations and drive growth.  

Deck Commerce is the leading order management system (OMS) for retailers like New Balance, NETGEAR, and Build-A-Bear. The highly flexible, feature-rich platform automates inventory, transactions, fulfillment, and return workflows – giving retailers the power and efficiency to grow globally and across channels. Deck Commerce OMS enables retailers to curate memorable experiences that turn every customer into their best customer.   

  • Inventory Management: Expose products for sale from any location to the desired order channels to prevent overselling and offer backorders and pre-sales of product. 
  • Order Orchestration: Route orders to the “best” fulfillment location based on your business rules—whether that’s limiting split orders or shipping items from the closest location.   
  • Transaction Processing: Remove the necessity to manually manage orders or any of the supporting steps in the order life cycle. 
  • Store Fulfillment: Enable stores to expose inventory and receive orders to pick, pack, ship, or pickup from the store location, in addition to supporting returns from any location. 
  • Customer Service: Find customer orders efficiently and provide customers with a superior level of service no matter if they just want to know their order status or process a return. 
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CQL/DECK Commerce Clients

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“I could not be more excited about the Deck Commerce and CQL partnership! Our joint value and approach to putting the customer at the center of everything we do creates a compelling engagement and delivers an unprecedented experience for our joint customers.” 


Vice President of Strategic Growth


Expose & Sell More Products with Enterprise Inventory ​

With Deck Commerce, merchants have robust inventory capabilities, including:

  • Making available products from any and all locations —increase cart sizes and reduce markdowns. 
  • Managing the available-to-sell inventory  – prevent oversells and losing customers. 
  • Offering backorders and pre-sales – sell ahead on future stock to increase sales volume and cart sizes 
  • Leveraging safety stock – ensure overselling and cancellation of orders are reduced or eliminated.   
  • Updating inventory in real-time — provide the most up to date and accurate picture to prevent overselling. 
Deck Commerce Inventory Features

“CQL is thrilled to partner with Deck Commerce to offer their ‘built for direct-to-consumer’ OMS solution to our enterprise clients. Paired with a powerful commerce platform, Deck Commerce helps brands streamline their order management process while creating a better overall customer experience.”

mary krause

Partner Manager