Shopify Editions Winter ’23 – What It Means For Shopify Clients

Shopify Editions - Winter 2023

Shopify Editions Winter `23 is out! This is a HUGE release by Shopify, 100+ updates, and there is a lot to be excited about. I’ve picked out my top 5 below:

B2B – Vaulted Credit Card, new Liquid templates, Draft Orders, Quantity Breaks, and more. These are key features for more complex B2B storefronts and we’ve excited to start rolling these features out for our B2B clients. Shoutout to Elizabeth Scolari and the B2B Product team; I’m excited to see what else is in store for 2023!

Metaobjects – This was casually announced at Unite, but with little information. Today is the official announcement of this game changing content feature for Shopify storefronts. This will provide structure to metafields, grouped into objects we define, which is sort of a “skies the limit” scenario. At Unite, they showcased cross-sells & upsells. We can now build out store details and lookbooks, and reference the content on the site in multiple places, like size guides. Most excited about this, but still a lot of playing to do!



Checkout – Shopify is known for its fast and high converting checkout… and lucky for your conversion rate, they’ve made it faster and more extendable! Shopify claims the infrastructure updates are resulting in a site’s response times being halved. The new one-page checkout has fewer required fields for your customers. Lastly, the new drag-and-drop checkout editor will make checkout enhancements easier to make from the admin (ie. no code), especially as more app providers adopt Functions, Pixels, and App Blocks for Checkout.

Functions – Let’s just call this “Stackable Discount” or “more than one discount in checkout.” Probably the most requested features for years now… it’s finally here! Functions will provide more control for more technical users to create more complex discounting rules, such as Product Bundles, Free Gift w/ Purchase, stacking discounts, and more. Goodbye Cart Scripts, Hello Functions.

Shopify Functions

Customer Accounts – Shopify is adding more functionality in accounts, like manage your order and initiate a return. What is more interesting though, is password-less login, by using ShopPay and passkeys… I think this is an incremental shift in a much larger change to Shopify accounts across Shopify stores. In simple terms – make accounts seamless, with long logged in states to drive more repeat purchases and brand affinity. If this sounds intriguing and you haven’t looked at Status Accounts – you should, check it out at

Customer Accounts

Bonus #6 (and #7)
Markets Pro and Translate & Adapt app – These two updates are hyper focused on internationalization and global expansion. Paired with the exclusive Global-e partnership for cross-border, it’s clear that Shopify is helping you expand your business internationally. Internationalization is complex, and true to Shopify’s nature, they’re making it easy.