BigCommerce Announces Its New Brand Pillars at Partner Summit 2023

BigCommerce Partner Summit 2023

CQL was excited to attend the BigCommerce Partner Summit 2023, and even more excited about the new branding BigCommerce is launching to generate new awareness around the capabilities of its robust platform.

As one of our top 3 platform offerings, BigCommerce remains highly competitive and rated highly in the industry, capturing industry awards regularly by G2, Forrester, and Everest Group PEAK Matrix. However, the brand awareness of other platform partners – including Salesforce, Adobe, and Shopify – far outweighs that of BigCommerce, despite its capability of providing an outstanding enterprise-level platform. BigCommerce is strongly committed to being the best platform for headless storefront (they were the 2nd platform in the MACH alliance and a leader in defining MACH) and has just recently announced its AI partnership with Google Cloud.

The first major change was their new tagline, from “ecommerce for a new era” to “Enterprise commerce, simplified.As the platform has evolved to serve the complex requirements of large businesses, BigCommerce has shifted its focus to being simple, flexible, customizable, and scalable for enterprise commerce brands. 

The second major branding change was the announcement of BigCommerce’s new 5 Brand Pillars: Engage, Attract, Convert, Expand, and Operate.

BigCommerce New Brand Positioning: 5 Ecommerce Pillars

  1. Engage
    • BigCommerce creates digital shopping experience differentiation, using low to no-code, multi-storefronts, and a headless/composable solution so that your brand can more quickly.
  2. Attract
    • BigCommerce delivers maximum site traffic, demand and sales. This pillar focuses around Feedonomics, which 30% of the top 1000 retailers use. In fact, 3 out of 4 BigCommerce Feedonomics customers see up to 50% increase in conversion, ROAS, and revenue (from BigCommerce survey, Q2 2023). With Feedonomics, customers can attract customers through search, social networks, affiliate networks, and marketplaces.
  3. Convert
    • With BigCommerce, you can create the best B2C and B2B one-page checkout user experience. BigCommerce offers payments freedom with pre-integrated, marketing leading payment providers; passwordless one-click and wallets with Stripe Link, Bolt, Bold, and Paypal; shipping flexibility with multiple shipping options, BOPIS, delivery times, and fully landing costs and custom shipping rates; and a B2B checkout with a new buyer portal and multi-storefront capabilities.
  4. Expand
    • BigCommerce’s expansion allows customers to add new brands, geographies, and channels. Their expansion offering includes multi-storefront (multiple brands/sub-brands, multiple geographies, and multiple customer segments), BOPIS, CaaS (Commerce as a Service), and B2B and B2C.
  5. Operate
    • BigCommerce focuses on ROI and operating cost. Nicely positions as a lower cost option for enterprise commerce, BigCommerce still comes with outstanding performance (uptime, peak/holiday periods, 1 million+ product variants, and security & compliance), data insights using Google BigQuery, and continue innovation focused on its platform and ways to innovate faster and better than the competition.

As an BigCommerce Certified Partner, CQL is excited to see the focus on platform, innovation, and enterprise. The product roadmap released reemphasizes BigCommerce’s commitment to headless, supporting growth channels, checkout enhancements, global expansion, B2B, and AI Solutions.

Are you interested in learning more about BigCommerce for your enterprise business?