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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Email Marketing

Businesses are always looking for new, better ways to reach their audience, generate leads, and increase sales. Sometimes the best option for reaching those goals isn’t necessarily a brand new technology; it’s taking advantage of one that’s been around for a while.

There’s been a huge push to increase social media budgets, go mobile, create apps, etc. With good reason—those are all great avenues to consider. But one of the most effective marketing strategies is actually email marketing. As far as ROI, email marketing takes the lead.

According to a report from the Direct Marketing Association, “E-mail marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for business and brands across the United States.” No, I did not misplace that comma.

Increased ROI is clearly one great reason to love email marketing, but there are plenty of others. Here are a few in case you need more convincing.

Stay Connected With Customers

You might be thinking, “But Lauren, we already connect with our customers. We’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook. What more do you want?” That’s fair. But think about it this way: What are you more likely to notice, a social post that might get buried before you check your account, or an email that stays in your inbox until you do something about it? Email marketing lets you send the right messages directly to your customers instead of hoping they are on Facebook at the right time. Not to say that social media isn’t a great tool to use, it is. It’s just not the only one.

Target Specific People

One amazing reason to use email marketing is that you can target specific people or groups of people. If you use an email marketing service or a CRM, you can segment lists of customers based on different characteristics like age, gender, spending habits, location, preferences, etc. For example, imagine you are a retailer and you’re having a sale on red shoes. If you have a group of customers you know love red shoes, you can target an email to that specific group for maximum efficacy.


Email marketing is the most cost effective option for increasing your sales. When comparing a direct mail campaign, and an email only campaign, the email only campaign performs 95 times better in terms of ROI. While direct mail has a slightly higher response rate they also cost 100 times more to send than emails.

Abandoned shopping cart emails alone can yield up to 29% of lost sales.


Some email marketing services allow you to personalize emails to help your customers feel like you’re speaking directly to them. You can personalize based on a range of factors like first name or company name. Just including these personalization factors increases click-through-rates, which in turn increase the number of people who will read and interact with your message. This kind of personal touch is much harder to accomplish on social media, which is one more reason to consider email.

Adding email marketing to your inbound marketing strategy can increase sales and brand awareness. Want to learn more about inbound? Check out the ebook below. 


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