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Why You Should Integrate Hubspot into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s world of data and analytics, there’s a way to measure just about every aspect of your digital marketing efforts. Not only is it possible, but it’s becoming even easier to track, measure, and compare your marketing to past success.

This ease and accessibility makes it even more important to have a strategy in place and a way to monitor and review that strategy. There is no better way to plan, execute, and measure your digital marketing strategy than integrating it with HubSpot.

What is HubSpot?

If you're familiar with inbound marketing, you've likely heard of HubSpot which is considered the leader in all-in-one inbound marketing software. The software includes a range of features like a CMS (known at Hubspot as their COS, or Content Optimization System), social media, email marketing, and analytics tools. HubSpot also offers webinars, blogs, and a yearly conference that educate customers about inbound marketing.

HubSpot for Goal Setting

Let's begin with the most important part of any marketing strategy—setting goals. Without this crucial step, your digital marketing efforts will be rudderless and you’ll have no way of knowing whether they’ve been successful. Fortunately, HubSpot can help. On the dashboard, you can monitor web visits and lead generation for each month and compare it to your goals or your metrics from the previous month.

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But many digital marketing campaigns are more specific than visitors or leads. You may want to know just how many of those came from social media, email, and so on. With a few clicks in the Campaigns tool, you can organize your various social media messages, emails, blog posts, SEO-focused keywords and even PPC ads into a singular campaign, allowing you to distinguish between these digital channels.

Within the Campaigns tool, you can also set a time frame for the campaign and specific goals for web visits, leads generated and customers gained, allowing you to easily keep track of your success as you're executing your campaign.

HubSpot for Lead Generation

No digital marketing tool makes the process of gathering lead information easier. Landing pages and related forms are created via simple drag-and-drop processes, while calls to action (just as easily created, and inserted to blog posts, emails and regular web pages with a simple click) guide your audience straight to them.

With HubSpot, the various aspects of generating leads work together smoothly to get potential customers into your database easily. That, in turn, allows you to execute your digital marketing strategy in a coordinated and successful way.

HubSpot for List Management

Generating leads is one step on the way to the ultimate goal of converting these leads to customers. That would be difficult without an effective method of keeping in contact and following up with leads, like HubSpot provides. Its lists and workflow tools allow you to both track the journey of a lead on their way to becoming a customer, and influence that journey by sending follow-up emails and providing downloadable offers.

Hubspot workflows screenshotIn short, HubSpot can make a crucial impact on your digital marketing strategy. The service helps set your goals, allows you to generate leads in an efficient manner, and manages leads to help convert them to customers.

If you're looking for a tool to both streamline and improve your digital marketing, HubSpot integration can go a long way toward succeeding in your efforts.

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