Why We Loave Inbound Marketing

Why We Love Inbound Marketing (And You Should Too)

Inbound marketing (also known as digital marketing) is the strategy of developing useful content that people will love in order to attract more leads and customers. Instead of pushing promotional ads at potential customers, which they will probably ignore anyway, inbound marketing prioritizes creating something of value. 

There’s a disconnect in traditional marketing that doesn’t add up to success. No one wakes up in the morning and thinks, “Hey, I’d like to see an ad today.” So why would marketers wake up and think, “Hey, I’m going to make an ad today"? 

Instead of irritating people with marketing they don't want to see, inbound focuses on attracting, converting, and delighting customers with great content.

And it's all measurable.

How Does Inbound Marketing Work?

The first step to inbound is determining your goals. In order to measure your success, you have to know where you’re starting from so you can compare it to your progress along the way. Do you want to increase your monthly site visitors? Convert more leads into customers? Your goal determines which inbound tools you need to focus on the most.

For example, when we first started using inbound marketing a few years ago, one of our goals was to increase the amount of traffic to our website. Because we’d chosen this goal, we focused a lot on blogging as part of our inbound strategy. Why? Because blogging improves your SEO and draws in more visitors with awesome, useful content. Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages, and more visitors and leads as a result.

If your goal is to increase your leads each month, you should focus more heavily on creating calls-to-action, forms, and landing pages to convert visitors into leads. These landing pages capture leads using forms that collect contact info, but also provide the lead with useful information. 

Once you determine your organization’s goals, you can choose the inbound strategies that will help you reach those goals and measure your progress. By having a specific goal in mind, and the tools necessary to determine if you’re on your way to reaching it, you can shape and adjust your marketing strategy as needed.

Here’s Why We Love Inbound

Like any other company, we want to make sure that the energy we use to improve our marketing actually amounts to something. To do this, we dug into our analytics from the years before we started inbound marketing to compare it to our progress since putting these strategies in place.

Remember how I said our goal was to increase site traffic? Since implementing inbound marketing strategies, our overall number of site visitors has increased 300%. According to our Google Analytics, our organic search traffic has increased 334% this year to date compared to the same period in the year before we started using inbound. Our traffic from social media has increased more than 1000%.

Before we used inbound, 61% of our traffic was “direct.” This means most of our site visitors came to our site by entering our URL into their browser. The majority of people coming to our site already knew about us before they got there. Now, almost half of our traffic comes from organic search.

These changes give us a pretty big clue that our digital strategy is having a positive impact. People who may not already know something about CQL are coming to us because of improved SEO and a more prominent social media presence.

Here's Why You Should Love It Too

Okay, obviously inbound marketing worked for CQL, but could it work for you too? Definitely. Three out of four marketers around the world are prioritizing inbound marketing. There's plenty of data to suggest that your company would benefit as well.

In fact, I think I'll let that data do the talking... 

Infographic: Why We Love Inbound Marketing

How You Can Get Started

If you're not satisfied with your web traffic or conversion rates, or want to expand your digital presence, inbound marketing could be a very beneficial tool. 

To learn more about inbound marketing, you can download our ebook below, or get a Free Marketing Assessment and we'll tell you how well your marketing scores. 


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