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Why I Ditched My Microsoft Surface for an Ultrabook

Eighteen months later and guess what? I no longer have my 1st generation Surface. The more I used it, the more it became like a low-end laptop to me. It’s much easier to travel with my Xyboard for general email and reading.  I tend to be a weight and bulk snob, so the Surface just wasn’t right for me. 

What’s new? NOTHING! I honestly can’t believe we haven’t seen some really cool innovations in this area. My guess is that we’re seeing a transition. Tablets are being overruled by phones, which can be sold in larger quantities over a year and replaced quickly.

Plus, with increased density of chips and better battery life, Ultrabooks are becoming sleeker, sustainable, and well, just cool! Throw on that the ability to touch the screens now. Yup, this ol’ IT geek, who would have bitten your greasy finger off for touching my screen, is excited I can finally swipe, tap and twist it!

Enter my new Ultrabook, the Lenovo X1 Carbon, running Windows 8.1. Ok, so they aren’t that innovative and the laptop industry finally caught up with Apple and this thing looks much like a cooler Macbook Air. 

The twist? You can use the screen as an input device, just like a tablet, so now you have multiple ways to control your actions, including your voice. Limited only to the amount of memory and disk space, this one has a 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM, but hey, you can’t have it all.

So what’s next? Modular phones like Google? Wearable technology like Google Glass or wristwatch style computers? Not yet. Cool, but still not prime time in my opinion. 

I keep watching, hoping we will see the next innovator emerge, but I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve been trying out fitness devices these last 3 years and to be honest, the ones I’ve tried (Fitbit, Basis, Jawbone, and Nike)don’t give you enough data for your money. I’ll be back when they’re better at monitoring heart rate and O2 levels.

In short, this techno geek is disappointed with this slow advancement in technology. I can’t say that there is a clear winner out there. So I won’t bash Android, Microsoft or Apple, as I think they all have “fine” solutions. Yup, just fine. I don't consider any of them to be hip, cool or awesome anymore. 

So, just keep looking and waiting, as I will be doing.


Photo Credit: Karlis Dambrans


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