Why Configurator Tools Help eCommerce Businesses Drive Sales

CQL has been building custom e-commerce systems since the 1990s. As e-commerce systems mature, businesses are looking for ways to expand their interactions with prospective customers. Custom software like product configurators have become a very popular way for businesses to enrich the customer experience, and grow loyalty to their products.

Chaco is a well-known global brand that enjoys a very loyal customer base. Chaco owners understand the quality of the sandals, and consider themselves part of the Chaconian community. To provide these Chaconians and future Chaconians an opportunity to design their own look and feel for their next pair of sandals, Chaco had CQL create a custom product configurator. This configurator allows a user to express their creativity by building their own sandals from the ground up – giving them the opportunity to completely customize their sandals by choosing from a variety of different styles, colors, strap patterns, and sizes.

With speed and responsiveness being an important aspect of the user experience, CQL focused on a number of optimizations to ensure the product configurator would provide a fast and reliable experience on a wide variety of devices. Unlike Flash-based product configurators which won't work on iPads and iPhones, this configurator was built using HTML and jQuery to make sure it is available to the widest number of users.

For additional information, visit the Chaco Configurator Here.

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