What to Think About When Choosing a CRM

What to Think About When Choosing a CRM

Implementing a CRM strategy can benefit businesses of any size, especially those with a customer service focus.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can help take you from managing your business and your customer information in spreadsheets to an organized, automated system that in many cases can be accessed via the web.

Choosing a CRM system is not easy, but it should not be impossible. The following tips will make your CRM choices easy and worry free.

Before You Choose

Look at your internal workflows and business processes before you start making decisions about which CRM best matches your needs. Make a list of the components that are most relevant to your business.

For instance, the importance of invoicing, accounting, help desk tools, marketing, access or other functions are important to understand to help you prioritize when the feature sets offered by these competitive tools. In addition, developing a clear-cut set of business goals is an integral part of any CRM software selection process.

Well Supported

No CRM is perfect and eventually you’ll need access to support. The quality of help you receive solving an issue is obviously important. Check out support resources, such as active user forums or well-stocked knowledge base, before you commit to a specific CRM. Check online reviews to see what ‘real’ users are saying about the system. Adoption and integration woes will be less difficult to handle if the vendor you choose is around either to ensure a smooth transition, or have provided a wealth of resources to help you navigate an issue. 

Scalability and Functionality

Make sure your CRM is not only good for your company now, but that it can support your business down the road as well. Will the system be able grow alongside your company? As you make tweaks to your business processes, will you be able to adjust your CRM system to keep pace? Also, make sure the features are easy to navigate when you need to make changes.


Mobility is becoming an increasingly important aspect of choosing CRM software. Check to see if the selection is mobile-friendly. If mobility is going to be a key part of your CRM strategy then you need to make sure this feature is well supported by your selected vendor.

A well-chosen CRM system is the key to managing customer relationships and helping an organization increase productivity. Choosing a CRM system can feel like an insurmountable chore, but with the above tips in mind, you are now well on your way to finding the CRM solution that is best for your business.


Understanding how your team will best interact with your CRM is also important. Do you have a sales team that is on the road meeting clients most of the day? If so, you might need a CRM that allows for voice interaction so that your sales team can call into the CRM to make updates. You will be surprised with how quickly your team adopts a system when you select an option that meets the needs of how your team will use it. 

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