What Fuels your Dreams?

When I run across video reviews like this one about Microsoft Envisioning Lab, my imagination runs wild. One of the main reasons I started a custom software business is that I dream. Often, I dream big and out of scope, but I LOVE to dream. Put me in a room with someone that has an idea; we’ll build pyramids of ideas that we’ll look back on and say, “How did we just build that?”

Watching this video and seeing what the future holds, is simply awesome. If you watched this video, where did your mind go? Reflect on the segment where you can see, in real time, who is touching what project and how they are interacting with it.

See how timelines and interruptions impact outcomes, in real time! What else could you do with it? See in real time where doctors are with patients? See real time, not near real time, where your package is in the delivery process? Go beyond… Dream big, where do you go?

Two years, ago, CQL underwent a new marketing campaign to describe the type of work we do for our clients. We redefined CQL as a “Software Dreams and Wishes Fulfillment Company.”

For 17 years we have provided business in Michigan and across the U.S. with custom software solutions. The concept of Software Dreams and Wishes Fulfillment might be a bit hokey, but we believe it captures how we interact with our clients.

A business solution might not seem ‘sexy’ on the surface, but helping push the creative limits with our clients leads to dynamic ways they can improve their business.

At CES (The Consumer Electronic Show) next week I’m ready to have my mind blown by some amazing technology. I'm excited to be inspired by these advancements, and to use what I learn to help our clients take advantage of these near-future technologies.

All of this reminds me that dreaming is hugely important. Too often, the routine of normal everyday life can bog you down and stifle your desire to dream. Making time to dream up ideas for your business is as important as payroll, marketing, and other normal business activities. Make time for excitement, intrigue, challenge, and growth by dreaming new ideas!

What fuels your dreams?

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