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'What we want is to talk with Siri, not talk at Siri.' (And how the next generation sees cross discipline collaboration is the key to make it happen.)

Yes, we need developers who can code. But we also need them to be fully fleshed thinkers who can design technology other humans want to use.

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Obama Calls for Intelligence Information Sharing across Public and Private Sectors

President Obama addressed America's increasing cyber-security issues and called for a major collaboration between the private sector and public sector.

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Now is the Time to Invest in Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence only continues to improve and now is the time to invest in BI tools to keep your company on par with the competition.

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5 Signs Your Business Is Not Ready For Big Data

Investing in big data isn't a good idea if your current data is a mess. Here are five data problems to look for before investing in big data.

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A Quick Guide to Evaluating Your Data Fitness [Slideshare]

Couldn't make it to the Solutions Expo? Here's what you missed.

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