How Technology Advancements Increase eCommerce Sales

As the economy continues to accelerate, look for ways to streamline their processes and makes their sales/customer service team more effective. The days of the old school sales guy like Biff from “Death of a Salesman,” and his relentless approach to getting things done, are gone. Briefcases and pamphlets will leave your company in the dust.

Welcome to the 21st century, where configurators and diagnostic tools are the norm, eliminating the need for brochures and product samples. And while these tools have been around for ages, the latest technology (particularly Mobile Development) is changing the way they’re built. Instead of a simple PowerPoint with pictures showing a full line of items, applications are allowing users to crunch data, check availability and even order through an ERP system. What used to be an entire day long process, now happens over the phone, during one quick meeting or with a mobile app where clients choose where and when to buy a product.

“Help us educate our market”

When Byrne Electrical Specialists came to us with a market segment in mind, we helped them create a tool that would target them, and more. Not all of Byrne’s dealers and suppliers knew they sell more than just plugs. Their designers didn’t realize that you can choose custom colors, get an iPad jack or that they carry a desktop plug that can withstand that morning coffee being dumped on it. CQL created a tool that not only helps Byrne’s clients search for what they want, but it helps educate them on the wide range of products available to them. Check out the Empower Diagnostic Tool here.

"I want to customize my sandals”

Chaco is known for having diehard fans that want something unique out of their footwear. So how do you make ordering fun, easy and personal without having to pick up the phone? Partner with CQL to build a configurator that lets a user customize everything from the bottom of sole to the logo on the top strap. Order your next Chaco Sandal here or read more about here.

No matter what market a client is trying to reach, CQL is building Custom Software tools that make the experience interactive, fun and easy to use.


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