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15 Surprising Stats About the State of Digital Marketing

Did you know that digital marketing budgets are increasing every year? That's because it's working. 41% of CEOs reported that digital marketing was responsible for the positive ROI they experienced last year.

You’ve heard about the importance of digital marketing, how you need to engage with customers using social media, amp up your SEO, and start blogging regularly. You get it. These things are important and you’ve heard a million reasons why. Sometimes, it’s better to just let the data speak for itself.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 compelling facts and stats about digital marketing to help you draw your own conclusions, or to pull out in the midst of a heated debate about the current state of marketing (it happens):

Infographics: 15 Surprising Stats About the State of Digital Marketing

Just as much as the world continues to become more mobile, it also grows more digital. Consumers expect brands to interact with them on social media and they prefer getting information from blogs over paid ads. By meeting and exceeding these customer expectations, you can have the same success as the 60% of companies using digital marketing.

Have any other compelling stats up your sleeve? Share them in the comments below.


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