6 Insights from Tony Horton to Apply to Software Development

Last year the crew at CQL got fired up about completing the extreme home fitness program, P90X. ® Not only did the program change our physiques, but it also had some direct correlation to how we go about completing our jobs. Some infamous quotes from the P90X ® guru, Tony Horton, also apply to my role as a Project Manager at CQL.

 “Bring It”

Attempting to be great every day isn’t always easy. If you consistently work hard and strive to be patient, then hard-working software developers and understanding clients become the norm. Some days it takes extra effort, but isn’t it worth it in the end?

“Do your best and forget the rest.”

Checking in pages and pages of transcribed notes can be tedious and those exhaustive status reports may even go unread by our clients, but pushing through to make sure we are continually providing truly necessary information has its rewards.

“Tip of the day- Don’t smash your face!”

When you over-commit to a software project and promise the world, no one wins. That is why our team works to be transparent. Is the project behind? Is the team going to miss that deadline? CQL utilizes tools like Sprint burndown charts and Basecamp ® to keeps the Product Owner in the know and the team up to speed on where the project is currently situated.

“Don’t let your ego get in the way of your success.”

Is there a bottleneck in the project? The CQL philosophy is “make it visible” so the team can collaborate and work through it together. If it feels like the software architect is unclear, chances are the client does not understand it either. The non-ego approach asks, “What can I do to help? How can I make the message clearer?”

“I’m pushing my own personal pause button”

As a manager I ask the question: Is pulling six resources into a meeting worth interrupting valuable momentum? Is that two-hour meeting worth giving up two hours of code-writing? Sometimes it is best to just pause and think about what you are actually asking from co-workers before committing them.

“Imagine you gotta do a hundred of them”

We all have those days when it seems your inbox is over flowing, your calendar is packed and every time you handle one problem, ten more pop up. The key to this overwhelming moment is to pick priorities. What client needs your attention the most today? Who is going to be best-served by your email, post or phone call right now?

Now that we've applied Tony's philosophies to our software project management style, I think Tony would agree we all deserve a recovery shake.

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